2017 Speakers and Advisory Board Members

  • Teresa Anderson

    Vice President, Editorial Services
  • Yamini Arora

    Senior Vice President and Director
  • Aidan Augustin

    Co-Founder & President
  • Sandra Baez

    VP, Revenue Operations and Advertising Product
  • Nora Barak

    Engagement Editor
  • Tom Becktold

  • Julia Beizer

    Head of Product
  • Meighan Berberich

  • Michael Biggerstaff

  • Warren Bimblick

    Former Penton/Informa Group President
  • Haley Bischof

    Head of Marketing, Active Interest Network
  • Gene Bishop

    Vice President of Technology
  • Ben Boskovich

    Managing Editor
  • Kathryn Braet

    Associate Marketing Director
  • Jason Calacanis

    Publisher, Author, Investor
  • Roane Carey

    Managing Editor
  • Haj Carr

  • Will Colston

    SVP, Strategic Marketing & Insights
  • Scott Coopwood

    Founder & Publisher
  • Lauren Crawford

    Director of Ad Ops
  • Andrew Degenholtz

    Founder eMagazines and ValueMags
  • Nikesh Desai

  • Madeleine DiSalvo

    Director of Social Operations
  • Jon Dickinson

  • Penny Donelson

    Vice President of Marketing Operations
    InvestorPlace Media, LLC
  • Terry Dorner

    VP, Events and Entertainment
  • Christopher Drago

    Director, Global Media
  • Mike Dragosavich

  • Maya Draisin

    VP of Marketing
  • Samantha Edwards

    Chief Creative Officer
  • Aaron Edwards

  • Randi Eichenbaum

    Director of Product
  • Peter Elkins-Williams

    Strategic Partnerships Manager, News Partnerships
  • Jim Elliott

  • Mark Fissell

    Head of Product
  • Jane Francisco

    Editorial Director, Lifestyle Group & Editor-in-Chief, Good Housekeeping
  • Tischen Franklin

    Creative Director
  • Michael Friedenberg

  • Ruthie Friedlander

    Site Director, InStyle
  • Ronan Gardiner

    Chief Advertising Officer
  • Gregory Gatto

    VP, Publishing Director
  • Nick Giallourakis

    Founder and CEO
  • J.J. Gould

  • Heather Granato

    VP of Content
  • Annie Granatstein

    Head of WP BrandStudio
  • John Graney

    VP, Integrated Sales
  • Karina Grudnikov

    Creative Strategy Manager, Audience Development
  • Steven Grune

    SVP/Group Publisher
  • Mike Hadgis

    SVP, Head of Revenue & Partnerships
  • Andrew Hanelly

    Partner and Creative Director
  • Lauren Hansen

    Multimedia Editor
  • Emilie Harkin

    Senior Director, Customer Marketing & Growth
  • Tim Hartman

  • Jon Hawkins

    VP of Growth
  • Beth Hetrick

    Executive Director, Brand Integration
  • Kari Hodes

    VP, Digital Content and Audience Development
  • Heath Horton

    Platform Architect
  • Kelly Hushin

    Director of Content Marketing
  • Mallory Johns

    Engagement Editor
  • Bob Guccione, Jr.

    Founder of SPIN and newly launched WONDERLUST
  • Sachin Kamdar

    Co-Founder and CEO
  • Rajeev Kapur

    President & CEO
  • Richard Kim

    Executive Editor
  • Jay Kirsch

    President of Media
  • Leslie Kogan

    Senior Production Manager
  • Brian Kolb

    Chief Operating Officer
  • Krystle Kopacz

  • Teresa Krueger

    Marketing Manager
  • Eric Kuan

    Webmaster Relations Product Manager
  • Tarrence Lackran

    Director, Industry Relations – OPTImum Program Vision Expo East & West
  • Nate Lau

    Director of Publishing
  • Tony Lee

    VP, Editorial
  • Robb Lee

    Chief Marketing and Communications Officer
  • Melinda Lee

    SVP & General Manager, Video
  • Jessica Levenson

    VP of Search & Engagement
  • Erik Lindgren

  • Maggie Louie

    Founder & CEO
  • Gregory Malar

    Business Development Director
    Rockefeller University Press
  • Dan Marcec

    Director of Content & Communications
    Equilar, Inc.
  • Amy Marks

    Global Head of Marketing
  • Susan May

    Group Marketing Director
  • Patrick McCann

    Vice President, Data Science
  • Bill Mickey

    Editorial Director
  • Hsiaolei Miller

    Group Publisher
  • David L. Miller

  • Jody Greenstone Miller

    Founder and CEO
  • Tara Mitchell

    VP of Marketing, The Week and Mental Floss
  • Christine Mitchell

    General Manager
  • Rajiv Mody

    Vice President, Social Media
  • Jessica Molinari

    Social Editor
  • Reed Morales

    Sales Director, Automotive Aftermarket Events
  • Roberta Muller

    SVP, Product Development
  • Michelle Munkres

    Content Director
  • Malcolm Netburn

    Chairman & CEO
  • Donny Neufuss

    Director of Business Development and Vertical Market Leader for eSports Americas
  • Adam Ochman

    VP, Head of Content
  • Amy Odell

    Editor, Cosmopolitan.com
  • Alison Overholt

  • Catherine Patterson

    Senior Director, Inventory Partnerships
  • Dave Pond

    Director of Programmatic Operations, Vox Media & Concert
  • Karen Ramspacher

    SVP, Consumer Insights
  • Erica Rendall

    Vice President of Marketing
  • Jessica Rohls

    Senior Director, Advertising
  • Hugh Roome

    President, Consumer and Professional Publishing
  • Mike Rothman

    Co-Founder and CEO
  • Cory Rotkel

    VP, Online Director
  • David Rowley

    Sr. Director, Customer Success / Digital Ad Platform Strategies
  • Zoë Ruderman

    Executive Director of Content Strategy
  • Jim Rutenberg

    Media Columnist
  • Julia Ryan

    Senior Audience Strategy Editor
  • Stephen Saunders

    Founder and CEO
  • Constance Sayers

  • Amy Schellenbaum

    Online Director
  • Geoff Schiller

    Chief Revenue Officer
  • Jessie Sebor

    VP of Media
  • Michael Shaughnessy

    VP of Revenue
  • John Shehata

    VP - Search, Social and Email Strategy
  • Devin Sheridan

    Vice President
  • Gabriel Sherman

    Special Correspondent
  • Alex Skatell

  • Kate Kelly Smith

    SVP, Publishing Director, Design Group
  • Jerry Solomon

    Managing Director, StudioTEN
  • Emmy Spahr

    Director of Programmatic
  • Stephanie Stahl

    General Manager, Content Marketing Institute
  • Matt Strelecki

    Creative Director
  • Chris Sweigart

    Creative Director, GET Creative
  • Tricia Syed

    VP, Digital Marketing - Campaign Marketing Strategy and Execution
  • Joe Territo

  • Meena Thiruvengadam

    Global Head of Audience Engagement
  • Matt Thompson

    Cross-Platform Executive Editor
  • Mia Tramz

    Managing Editor, LIFE VR
  • Shannon Truax

    Sr. Director of Social, Ad Product, and Influencer Marketing
  • Julia Turner

  • Liz Vaccariello

    Editor-in-Chief of the Parents and Meredith Parents Network
  • Greg Valero

    Integrated Media Sales Manager
  • Kyle Vinansky

    Director, Content Partnerships
  • Danielle Walton

    Director of Creative Services
  • Fara Warner

    VP, Custom Content
  • Sandra Sobieraj Westfall

    National Political Correspondent
  • Ania Wieckowski

    Senior Editor, Branded Lines
  • AnnMarie Wills

  • Yanna Wilson-Fischer

    Marketing Director
  • Mike Winkleman

    President/Chief Creative Officer
  • Aaron Woloff

    Senior Director, Digital Sales
  • Rhonda Wunderlin

    VP, Performance Marketing
  • Matthew Yorke

    Chief Marketing Officer