Be a Part of the Innovation Lab! Respond by October 11!

The state of disruption and change in media is unprecedented. We worry about developing successful businesses, only to wonder whether they will be disrupted by some new technology still around the corner.

Does this sound familiar? Sure it does. We all live these things every day. And now, we’re going to come up with the world’s best solutions.

Announcing the MediaNext Media Innovation Lab. The Lab, produced in partnership with Nxtbook Media, will come up with the best ideas for moving our businesses forward—and finding the cures for all of our pain points.  

The Media Innovation Lab will be a key part of the MediaNext Show, and the best “cures” we develop will be shared on the final day of the show and distributed in a special e-book after the event. Stop by at MediaNext to contribute to the cure and be entered to win some cool prizes!

But we start with the pain points. We’d like to know yours. Let us know what’s keeping you up at night in the form below. We’ll aggregate these answers and work with Nxtbook to narrow them down to the Three Biggest Pain Points.

Don’t wait! Tell us what’s on your mind. We’ll include not only your pain points but suggested cures in our post-event e-book.