Awards Timeline

Entry Deadline: Sept. 19, 2014
Final Deadline: Sept. 26, 2014

Enter Online

Is your company a Top Place to Work in Media? Tell us about it. We want to shine a spotlight on your organization and benchmark outstanding places to work among consumer and b2b media companies and their partners, such as suppliers and agencies. Being selected a Top Place to Work in Media will position your media company as a desirable place to work for and to work with. Don’t miss out on this industry honor – become one of Folio’s Top Places to Work in Media – and make some media news!



Who Should Enter:

Consumer and b2b media companies and their partners, such as suppliers and agencies are eligibile to enter.

National & International Recognition

The honorees will gain:

  • Recognition at an awards event.
  • Outstanding exposure through a profile on Folio’s site.
  • An award.
  • Recognition and exposure through email promotions, press releases and Folio’s social media networks.

How to Enter

Judges will review each organization’s synopses specific to the time period of September 2013 through September 2014. Workplace culture and career advancement opportunities over that period of time will be considered.

Please include a 2-3 page synopsis with the following information:

In 1,500 words or less, please cover as much of the following, broken down by criteria:

a) In a sentence, what’s so “great” about your company?
How would you characterize the growth opportunities at your organization/department (annual reviews/promotions, fast-track positions, etc.)?

c) How would you characterize the line of communication between employees and senior management?
d) Is failure an option at your company? Please explain.
e) In addition to traditional benefits (health insurance, 401k contribution, etc.), does your company offer any unique or noteworthy benefits?
Do you believe that compensation at your organization is commensurate with comparable positions at peer organizations?

g) Do you feel the voluntary turnover rate at your organization is low/medium/high? If you would classify it as "high," what reasons are most often cited?
Are you given the opportunity to take on new projects/additional responsibilities based on your interests/skill set/initiative/motivation?
How would you describe your organization’s internal culture (creative, quirky, corporate, fun, inclusive, etc.)?

j) Does it offer flexible working hours and telecommuting?

k) What sort of career training does this company offer (in-house or tuition reimbursement)?
Does the company have a formal mentoring program?

m) Is the managerial class diverse in terms of ethnicity and gender?

n) Is the company fair in its advancement of women?
Does the organization encourage volunteerism? Does it sponsor volunteer efforts and/or offer volunteer opportunities during official work hours?

p) Does the company match 401k contributions?
Is there any additional information/insight you would like to add?
Feel free to include testimonials and other supporting materials.

Deadlines/Entry Fees

Entry Deadline: September 19, 2014
Final Deadline: September 26, 2014

Entry Fees:

The price of each primary entry is $250. There is a late entry surcharge of $195 per entry. Payment in full must accompany the entry. Entry fees are not refundable.

Entries for Folio’s Top Places to Work in Media submitted between September 20, 2014 and September 26, 2014, please add a $195 late fee per entry.

Working in the media business has never been more challenging — and a great work culture never more important. That’s why we at Folio set out to identify the Top Places to Work in Media, an annual list of the media companies that foster and value a positive work environment by prioritizing personal growth, encouraging advancement and diversity of opinion and putting a premium on effort, collaboration and recognition.

Winners of Folio’s Top Places to Work in Media will be recognized at an awards gala in the Fall in New York City and will be featured in special editorial and social media coverage. An awards trophy, electronic badges and other great stuff will be provided to winners. As an added benefit, aggregated results will be given to all participants. The personal identification of all respondents will be kept in strict confidence

Contact Information

For any questions, please contact Marly Zimmerman at

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