April 2010

Face Up: Meetings West

MAGSTATSIssue: January 2010Frequency: MonthlyLaunched: 1987Circ: 35,000Publishing Company: Stamats Communications Inc.Brand Design Director: Scott Easton

Building a Custom Business From Your Ad Base

Last month, Penton Media emerged from Chapter 11 after 23 days, shedding $270 million in long-term debt as part of its restructuring (Penton’s private equity owners also agreed to inject between $38.9 million and $51.2 million into the company).

The Technology Behind Paywalls

Online paywalls are still being scrutinized as a possible revenue stream to supplement declining revenues in print and online display advertising. Yet, there are still relatively few publishers that have found success in the strategy.

New Life for Events?

The exhibitions industry declined 12.5 percent in 2009, according to the Center of Exhibitions Industry Research. Meanwhile, tradeshow M&A has come to a crashing halt, according to trade publishing event advisory firm Corporate Solutions.

Private Equity Returns to Magazine Buying

Basketball hall of famer Magic Johnson might not have acquired Johnson Publishing’s Ebony and Jet, but the overall market for magazine-related M&A deals was certainly active during the first quarter of 2010.  According to media investment bankers the Jordan, Edmiston...

New Commission Programs for a Changing Sales World

Just a few Years Ago, many publishers had trouble getting their sales staff to sell digital in addition to print. After all, commissions on print were so much higher, why should a rep take time away from their cash cow...

Web 2.0 and the Heartbreak of Algorithmia

“On the one hand, information wants to be expensive, because it’s so valuable...On the other hand, information wants to be free, because the cost of getting it out is getting lower and lower all the time. So you have these...

The 2010 FOLIO: 40

Welcome to the 2010 FOLIO: 40, our list of some of the most distinguished magazine and media professionals from every corner of our industry.

Proving Return on Investment

Return on Investment, or “ROI” can be one of the most difficult things to legitimately prove to top management when it comes to justifying software for cutting costs, gaining new sales markets or both.

Mobile Media Solutions

Mobile marketing has had its share of starts and stops in recent years but the release of smartphones gives publishers and their advertisers unprecedented opportunity to reach their audiences in a new, much more targeted way.