December 2012

Risky Business

Randall Lane was working in an office building filled with unpacked boxes and exposed pipes “at the far fringe of the Garment District” when Folio: put him on the cover in 2007.

The Magazine Medic

THE PATIENT: Porthole Cruise MagazineAGE: 20 yearsVITALS: Dangerously erratic pulsePROGNOSIS: Bleak

Curating New Audiences Through Content Syndication

Developing a content syndication partnership with a larger brand can have long-term benefits that extend beyond the day, week or month your publication’s copy is housed on another site. Introducing readers to your brand via an already trusted source can...

Getting The Most Out of Action Codes

Integrated action and experience codes within the pages of a magazine are just one of the many ways publishers are connecting print to digital. As the technology gets used more, publishers are identifying what works and what doesn’t.

The One Constant In Sales: Plan for Change

Dwight D. Eisenhower said, “In preparing for battle I have always found that plans are useless, but planning is indispensable.”  He could have been describing today’s publishing landscape. We work with many publishers, and are continually reminded of the importance...

Building a Custom Video Program

Stack Media relied on a regional freelance network to reach a few hundred thousand viewers per month when it started its integrated video campaigns in 2008.

Face Up: 2012 Critics’ Choice

Every month, FOLIO: selects a small group of designers and art directors to offer critiques on visually-engaging magazine covers. The cover, after all, is the first point of entry for any magazine, retail or otherwise.