December 2011

Launching (and Maintaining) a Successful E-Commerce Platform

As the e-commerce craze gets hotter, publishers looking to get into the game are faced with many questions. Some of these include how the business model of the e-commerce operation will operate; how it integrates seamlessly into editorial while avoiding...

Condé Nast Partners with AdMeld in Private Digital Ad Exchange

In a major magazine publisher first, Condé Nast launched a private advertising exchange for select digital clientele. Partnering with service provider AdMeld, inventory from Condé’s entire digital portfolio was available at the time of the exchange’s launch.

2011 Circulation and Audience Development Salary Survey

As digital mediums continue to build momentum and increase revenues for publishers, it seems that salaries for circulation and audience development professionals have been reflective of the positive new growth their companies are seeing.

Content Licensing: Making It Work for You

The term “content licensing” is an ambiguous one, especially among publishers. Some consider reprints and e-prints to be a full-fledged content licensing operation; while others leasing out logos and awards for third-party use count it as their content licensing service.

CEO Perspectives

If you thought that just because you simply survived the recession you’re in the clear, think again. Those of us who were able to continue innovating are on the right track, but there’s still much work to do.

Get Your Content Right and the Rest Will Follow

Ten years ago business-to-business editors were grappling with how to transition from a print model to one that combined both print and online. While that challenge seems easier than the one we have today—striking the right balance of print, online,...

The 2011 Eddie and Ozzie Award Winners

FOLIO:’s Eddie and Ozzie awards competition is the largest of its kind for magazine publishers. It also has the proud distinction of being the only awards event open to magazines and websites of all kinds—consumer, b-to-b, association, custom and regional,...