December 2008

Face Up: Shift

Issue: September/November 2008Frequency: Quarterly Launched: Originally published as Noetic Sciences Review in 1986; re-launched as Shift in 2003

Technologies To Look For in ‘09

Keeping ahead of the technology curve has become a large part of magazines’ success. Leveraging the latest add-ons and enhancing readership through workflow, design and online presence has become even more important for publications and their online entities to remain...

Understanding Link Journalism

“Link journalism,” a term coined by Scott Karp, formerly director of digital strategy at Atlantic Media and founder of journalist social network Publish2, refers to sharing and picking up links from other media outlets and

A New Sales Strategy for 2009

Publishers are scrambling to offer the fully “integrated package” including print, online, events, lead generation and data to name just a few. But how to effectively position those offerings in a way and at a time that makes sense for...

Magazine Deals ‘Difficult,’ Not ‘Impossible’

With big magazine deals like Reed Elsevier’s divestment of Reed Business Information up in the air and ABRY Partner’s sale of Cygnus Business Media still hanging in the balance (at presstime), there’s no disputing that the tightening global credit markets...

Minimalism is In

When it comes to trends, magazine cover design is cyclical. When every magazine is trying to be innovative—be it E-ink or loaded with coverlines and type, as Esquire has done—there’s always an urge to move in the opposite direction. The...

Associations Experiment with Social Media

A new research report, “Web 2.0: How Associations Are Tapping Social Media” from the Angerosa Research Foundation, the nonprofit research arm of Stratton Publishing and Marketing, says association publishers are following the trend toward social media.

It’s a Mag Mag Mag Mag World

As talk of a downturn affects projections and planning, let us all remember that Fortune, perhaps the greatest business magazine of all, was launched in February 1930, four months after the Wall Street crash of 1929 that marked the outset...

M&A Scorecard | December 2008

From layoffs to plunging credit markets, publishing industry M&A activity seemed to grind to a halt in late October/early November. According to predictions from the Jordan, Edmiston Group managing directors Tolman Geffs and Scott Peters, the market could bottom out...

We’ve Been Here Before

“I’ve never seen anything like this before.“That, it seems, is a common refrain in the halls of publishing and Internet companies across the nation. (Not to mention auto dealerships.)

How to Price Custom Publishing Services

This question comes up all the time. In publisher roundtables and networking sessions, it’s always a whispered question, with very few forthcoming answers. Everyone wants to know how other publishers are pricing their stand-alone custom projects, but no-one wants to...

Cover Price Experiments

Some of us may remember back in 2007 when celebrity lifestyle magazine OK! made the decision to increase its cover price. Like a copycat younger sister, Bauer Publishing followed suit.

2008 Circ Salary Survey

For the majority of circulation departments, decreasing ad sales, smaller print circulation, stagnate budgets and staffing cuts—all factors cited in last year’s FOLIO: Circulation Salary Survey—not only exist, but have been exacerbated by the recession.

Vetting E-Mail Newsletters

E-mail newsletters remain the backbone of many publishers’ e-media strategies, particularly on the b-to-b side. But with the oversaturation of e-mail newsletters in almost every market, you need to do it right to get noticed. And that goes beyond just...

Automated Map Creator Launches

A pair of magazine and software design professionals are targeting magazine publishers with their new program, Blinkplan, which they say offers the most convenient way to draw up flatplans—the diagram, or map, that shows where articles and advertisements are laid...