December 2007

The Rise of Renaissance

Just days after Hurricane Katrina hit, Kelley Faucheux stood on the balcony of New Orleans Magazine's 18th floor office.

Identifying the Top Trends for 2008

Unless you're a fortune teller, it's harder than it appears to name the four or five things likely to most affect your business in the coming 12 months. Here, five execs try.

Non-Photo Finishes

All things being equal, most editors opt for a photo instead of an illustration when designing a cover or layout. "If the story is about a noun-a person, place or thing-you should take its picture," says magazine designer (and longtime...

Acquisition Integration

In a flurry of M&A activity over the last two years, World Publications, a Winter Park, Florida-based enthusiast publisher, went from a small niche company to a worldwide giant thanks to a sizable minority stake from Bonnier Group in 2006...

Face Up: Scholastic Administr@tor

This month: Scholastic Administr@torIssue: October/November 2007Frequency: 8 issues per yearLaunched: Winter 2002Circ: 100,000Editor: Kevin HoganPublishing company: Scholastic

Custom Publishing’s Potential

Marketers value the direct customer connection, and custom publishing offers a unique opportunity to do so. The three projects profiled here show how it's done.

The Cover Price Conundrum

Increased production costs and pressures from distributors have publishers weighing the option of raising their cover prices. But, will a price spike bolster their bottom line or make their readers revolt?

B-to-B Tipping Point: Costs Versus Revenue

According to the ABM Cost Report, compiled by the Jordan, Edmiston Group and released at the American Business Media Top Management Meeting last month, costs in every publishing department are increasing faster than the revenue is increasing.

Checking the Golden Gut

In the hyper-analytical world of digital media, audience behavior is a critical measurement. An editor's sense of what stories will most likely appeal to the widest audience is one thing, but what if you had a tool that could measure,...

Attracting Top Talent

A lot of people scratched their heads when word got out last month that Sid Evans, editor-in-chief of Field and Stream, was moving over to Garden and Gun, a high-end Southern lifestyle magazine that launched in April.

2007 Circulation Salary Survey

Circulation is not a discipline for the feint of heart. Staffing cuts, along with magazine launches and acquisitions, have translated into more responsibilities for circulators, ranging from ad sales to article writing to office duties—“too many to list,” said one...