November 2009

Making the Case

Defining the mission and serving the dual goals of information provider and fundraiser are a challenge for any association magazine.

2009 Association Publishing Survey

As for-profit publishers re-assess their business model (and the role of print within it), so are association publishers reviewing their role in the overall context of the parent organization and how they’re best reaching the membership.

A Scary New Web Paradigm for B-to-B

Anyone who has worked in b-to-b publishing during the last decade could surely be forgiven for thinking that they have—without a doubt—lived through the most disruptive period our industry has ever seen.

Size Matters for Online Ads

For any publisher, online and mobile are rapidly gaining on their print magazine counterparts in terms of significance. The Internet already accounts for 41 percent of people’s media consumption, according to the Online Publishers Association (OPA), and that will only...

Event Outlook 2010

If there is one area suffering almost as much as print, it’s events. While trade show revenue dropped 3.5 percent in 2008, it fell a whopping 20.1 percent through the first quarter of 2009, according to American Business Media.

Magazines No Longer the ‘Center of the Universe’

Publisher Survival, especially for those supported mainly by print advertising, was the topic of debate, and some contention, during a Folio: Show Virtual panel discussion last month called “Big Ideas and New Opportunities for 2010 and Beyond.”

Publisher Turned Vendor: Summit Offers Lead Gen Solutions

Publishers are scrambling to figure out lead generation and one of their peers is offering to help. Summit Publishing has spun off a new company called Mediadroit that offers a service called LeadWise which is designed to generate leads across...

Moving From Lead Gen to Lead Nurturing.

As publishers develop more sophisticated lead strategies, they’re shifting from lead generation—capturing basic contact and demographic information about potential customers—to lead nurturing, which is more about developing consistent communication with a prospect to help prepare them for an actual purchase.

USPS: No Rate Increase on Periodicals in 2010

Having logged its 11th quarterly loss out of the last 12 quarters in August, magazine publishers have been waiting anxiously to find out how the United States Postal Service might raise its rates for mailers in 2010. Some speculated a...

Media M&A Sees Uptick in Third Quarter

After a “moribund” first half, media M&A as a whole saw a significant uptick during the third quarter, which might be an indication that deal transactions are on the rebound, according to a quarterly report released by investment banker the...

Where To Find and What To Spend On CMS Support

As publishers continue to embrace open source CMS, where can they find technical support? While day-to-day content changes should be handled by staff, alterations to site architecture, as well as site maintenance, need to be handled by individual developers or...

Automation: A Necessary Criteria For Success In Print

The recent closing by Condé Nast of Gourmet and three sibling magazines, the shuttering of Country Home by Meredith, and the bankruptcy filing by the owners of Reader’s Digest, were sobering events for anyone in the publishing world.