October 2008

The Paper Problem

For socio-cultural reasons—some obvious, some not—the kind of paper that publishers print their magazines on has become a barometer of sorts when considering how “green” a magazine is.

The Importance of Stewardship in Sustainability

One of the most important steps in developing a plan for becoming a green(er) publisher is establishing a stewardship policy within the company to coordinate—and communicate—the green goals to each department internally, and to work with the current supply chain.

Does the World Really Need Another ‘Green Issue’?

It’s been three years since Vanity Fair—one of the first mass market consumer magazines to tackle the issue of global warming—published their first green issue. (Vanity Fair’s Conde Nast sibling Wired published one in May 2006 as well). And they’ve...

How Eco-Friendly Can a Live Event Be?

The push to make magazine events more eco-friendly is on the rise. From events that accompany a green issue to standalone conferences, publishers are looking for ways to increase recycling, use local and organic materials and reduce waste.

A Paperless Future?

While the public—and publishers—often focus on the impact of producing magazines and events has on the environment, the materials used to market their brands can have just as big an effect on sustainability as their products.

Using Digital Editions to Go Green

Nearly two-thirds of digital magazine readers consider environmental friendliness a reason for subscribing, according to a recent survey by PennWell. Digital editions serve the environment well—no paper, no printing, no physical transportation of raw materials or emissions from production.

One Publisher’s Green Checklist

Odgen Publications publishes magazines—like Natural Home and Mother Earth News—targeted toward people who are interested—and invested—in sustainability. And, refreshingly, Odgen walks the walk of sustainability, top-to-bottom, at its Topeka, Kansas-based offices.

Glossary of Green Terms

Carbon Offsets. The financial instrument, utilized by individuals or companies, representing a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

Face Up: US Banker

Issue: July 2008Frequency: MonthlyLaunched: 1893Circ: 45,000Editor: Holly SkraelPublishing Company: Source MediaCreative Director: Jason Pohl (for July ‘08 issue)

The Four Stages of Web Product Development

As print publishers morph their organizations from print-only publishers to multi-platform brands, a key question is, “What digital products should I develop?” When consulting with small-and mid-sized publishing groups I frequently see online products that fail that are successful elsewhere.

Custom Data on the Fly

Driving traffic is no longer enough. Nor is knowing how many reads a particular story has. As Web sites mature, publishers must recognize the behavior of their viewers and optimize their sites accordingly.

Building The DAM

Digital asset management is a process in which a secure central repository helps streamline the creation, management, organization and monetization of digital assets. As publishers pursue a multimedia approach, the distinction between “print” and “online” content grows blurrier—an element that’s...

The Cost of Free Copy

Free copy can flow into a magazine through any of three sources—PR agencies, guest contributors or columnists, and, lately, bloggers on the Web site. In an age of tight budgets and editorial overload, any no-cost copy may seem like a...

Custom Publishing The Wrong Way

Most Publishers I talk to think that by adding one or two people to the organization and declaring “custom publishing is open of business” that they are well on their way to success.

M&A Scorecard | October 2008

The overall capital market took a severe blow September 15 when the Dow Jones fell more than 500 points, or 4.42 percent, on news that global investment bank Lehman Bros. filed for bankruptcy and investment firm Merrill Lynch agreed to...

Report: Events Industry Will Enjoy Robust Growth Through 2011

The global events industry is huge, growing and highly fragmented, and in a time of declining print revenue, offers integrated media companies a highly profitable, defensible, Web-resistant platform for growth, according to a new white paper from DeSilva + Phillips...

Bridging Print and Mobile

Mobile is viewed today in much the same way as online was a few years ago: a huge opportunity that no one really knows what to do with yet. “Most content businesses now have some sort of digital business. I...

Debt Financing, Due Diligence and Kidnapping on the P&L

The international M&A process is becoming increasingly homogenous but American publishers looking to buy or sell abroad still need to be prepared for some distinct differences, according to a panel of publishing deal experts at the ABM/FIPP World Conference last...

Free Web Tools for Everyday Operations

In today’s Web-first, print-second workflow, any tool or service that offers a high quality solution quickly—and even better—for free, is highly prized.

Making the Move from Hard Copy to Virtual Proofing

Many say the future of receiving proofs is not in hard or soft copy, but in automation. But what happens when it comes time for production teams to face the dizzying series of questions that surround implementation: Web-based or software-based?...

E-Media Sales Essentials

Magazine Salespeople need to consider several important factors for establishing and maintaining client relationships and, of course, when selling them e-media products.

2008 Consumer Magazine CEO Survey

The tipping point, in which print revenue is eclipsed by other models, notably e-media and events, is a reality for many b-to-b publishers, particularly technology publishers. On the other hand, consumer publishers have remained solidly print-driven in the past few...

How to Deal with Being Downsized

You walk into work on Friday, getting ready for the weekend with your family. Sitting down at your desk you start your day, checking e-mail messages as you drink your coffee, milk no sugar.