September 2013

Face Up: Huffington

MAGSTATSIssue: July 28, 2013Frequency: Weekly Launched: June 2012Circ: 600,000 (Free iPad)Editor: John MontorioDesign: Josh KlenertPublishing Company: The Huffington Post

Game-Changing Tech

   The rapid pace of change with publishing technology, and consumer technology for that matter, has opened up a host of new opportunities for publishers. “Prevailing wisdom” has been turned on its head.

Esquire’s Paywall Experiment

Esquire made big news in the world of paid Web content in July, putting one of its magazine features behind a paywall. “The Prophet”—for sale on for $1.99—wasn’t the title’s first experience with a paywall though.

Quality vs. Quantity: Selling Ads Behind a Paywall

Premium content that attracts a highly-targeted audience can maintain its value in spite of raw volume. That’s why instituting a paywall—and likely decreasing your online readership, but increasing revenues from readers—doesn’t have to affect your display advertising sales.

Searching for Comment Moderation’s Silver Bullet Solution

To avoid trolls and curb distracting dialogues, some publishers have given up on commenting by removing the option all together or burying the section at the bottom of the page. Others, however, are confronting the challenge head on and finding...

The 2013 Editorial Salary Survey

Editorial salary trends were mixed in the 2013 survey, with up-and-down results across each of the three industry segments—b-to-b, consumer and association—and at each of the three major job levels—