September 2012

The 2012 Magazine Manufacturing and Production Technology Survey

For many years, Folio: and Readex Research have conducted a survey of magazine production professionals—noting their preferences and tendencies on the subject of creating a finished product. This year’s survey contained a few new questions, mainly about technologies for producing...

The Evolution of Fulfillment

When you dive into the way the digital edition and app economy works for publishers, you can’t avoid the irony of the big digital newsstand and storefronts of Apple, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Zinio, Next Issue Media, et al. The...

The Growth of a Regional Magazine Company: Open Sky Media

After the acquisition of San Antonio, Austin Monthly and Austin Monthly Home, Hadley Capital, a private equity firm specializing in acquisitions, leveraged buyouts, management buyouts, recapitalizations and add-on acquisitions, among other things, founded Open Sky Media in March 2011.

The Business of Politics: Examining RNC & DNC Convention Dailies

It’s an occasion that comes around once every four years—the Democratic and Republican National Conventions. Not only is it a race for the presidency, but a business opportunity for publishers looking to get their brand in front of the conventions’...

Anatomy of an Integrated Ad Campaign

When advertisers aren’t looking for a specific audience segment or a broad brand buy, they’re in the market for something creative—a campaign that stretches across print, face-to-face and digital and leverages a brand’s value proposition in a unique and useful...

The 2012 Editorial Salary Survey

  There’s really no big news when looking at editorial salaries from 2011 to 2012. As you’ll see in the title breakdowns in the next few pages,