September 2011

Face Up: Flow Control

MAGSTATSIssue: July 2011 Frequency: MonthlyLaunched: 1995Circ: 36,000Publisher: Grand View Media GroupArt Director: Julie FlynnExecutive Director of Content: Matt Migliore

From Marketer to Printer: Managing Ads

Like most industries, publishing cycles are increasingly becoming more and more automated. Even editorial actions are becoming computerized, with companies like Kapost creating products that electronically orchestrate pitches, assignments, calendars and revisions in addition to managing author performance and payment....

Is 2D Barcoding in Your Future?

There is a new tool in the magazine publishing arsenal for delivering new and dynamic content to the reader—BUT from the printed magazine! By using your smartphone, you can take a picture of a postage stamp-sized 2D barcode on a...

4 Ways Independent Publishers Are Keeping Paper Costs Down

Despite enormous amounts of attention directed towards digital efforts in the magazine industry, many independent publishers still count print as their main business and most reliable source of revenue. As the paper market continues to fluctuate, publishers are finding new...

Optimizing Tablets for “T-Commerce”

Along with creating a user-friendly design, publishers are now faced with the challenge of optimizing e-commerce (along with the rest of their content) for tablets.

How Three Publishers Are Retooling for Growth

New opportunities abound for publishers but with that comes new challenges, including determining what’s worth the time and resource investment—and what’s not. Here, three very different publishers outline how they’re reinventing existing products.Government Executive Plans to Double Revenue in Five...

Magazine Manufacturing and Production Survey

The good news: Publishers aren’t cutting manufacturing and production budgets as much as they did last year. The bad news: They aren’t exactly investing in magazine manufacturing and production, either.

The Secret to Monetization Without Exploitation

Given the plethora of solutions available, publishers are seeking the best tools to help monetize their audience beyond display advertising. Yet, even as data becomes pervasive, it is also more highly scrutinized than ever before amid growing privacy concerns. The...

The Broader Role of Telemarketing

The tools available to a sales team today to identify opportunities, turn opportunities into leads and leads into sales are extensive. Forward-thinking organizations leverage Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems to capture information and create a powerful database to ensure advertisers...