September 2009

E-Media Reality Check

Digital is the priority for most publishers, yet many executives have had to re-adjust their e-media forecasts just as they did with more traditional revenue streams such as print and events. Online ad spending in the U.S. dropped 5 percent...

A Surge in Publishing Bankruptcies

With annual revenue of more than $2 billion, Reader’s Digest may be the largest magazine publisher ever to file for bankruptcy. But it probably won’t be the last this year.

Edit Salaries Slump in 2009

Magazine editors saw salaries rise for the most part in 2008 but they expect a significant decline of possibly 10 percent or greater in 2009, according to the 2009 FOLIO: Editorial Salary Survey, conducted by Readex Research.

The Race to the Bottom

It seems as if media companies are falling over one another in a race to price themselves out of business. First, print, with a few exceptions like SD Times, is in a death spiral. But it seems that media companies...

Startup Stories

ACP Gets Second ChanceAfter Reed folded 13 construction titles, the group’s original owner is making a play to bring them back. by Matt Kinsman

What’s Your Cover Strategy?

Building a great magazine involves a lot of processes, players, deadlines and content. It’s a relationship that’s not easy. Successfully marrying good ideas with quality execution takes planning and patience, especially when creating the cover of the magazine.

The Accidental Profession

Magazine editing is not a job. It’s a calling. Like barbecue experts, most editors are self-proclaimed. Very few graduate from journalism school where they majored in magazine editing and come up through the editorial ranks.

Changing of the Guard

The resignations of top publishing executives is adding up. In July, Jim Spanfeller said he will be leaving as president and CEO before the end of August. Less than two weeks later, Rodale president and CEO Steven Pleshette Murphy...

Selling Software: From Tracking Accounts to Pay-Up

Back-end sales software has evolved from simple tracking spreadsheets to full-blown customer relationship management systems. But day-to-day, which systems (and features within those systems) are the most helpful to magazine salespeople? This article asks a selection of salespeople what they...

A Web Traffic and Engagement Tip Sheet

Everyone needs a review sometimes. And in the highly competitive and, especially for magazine publishers, make-or-break world of Web content publishing, SEO and engagement are two critical strategies that deserve perpetual oversight and review.