September 2008

Creating an Innovative Community

During a session at the FOLIO: Show last September called “The Online Editorial Toolkit,” Fortune executive editor Josh Quittner said he considered social media to be one of the most important initiatives for magazine publishers. Said Quittner, “If you’re not...

Go Your Own Way: Editors Turn Entrepreneurs

Are there any editors who haven’t at least toyed with the idea of starting their own business? Working within the cocoon of an established publisher, particularly one of the larger players, certainly has its perks but most editors, at some...

Assessing the Newsstand

The consumer magazine industry, as expected, took some huge hits at the newsstand and in overall circulation during the first half of the year, according the much-anticipated Fas-Fax report, released last month by the Audit Bureau of Circulations.

Comparing Open Source CMS

Open source content management systems aren’t just the ticket for smaller publishers trying to ramp up their Web infrastructure on a tight budget. Larger publishers are opting for open source CMS as well with Drupal and Joomla getting much of...

High Design at Low Cost

Design budgets aren’t immune from the cost-cutting going on in the magazine industry. But that doesn’t mean magazines must return to a gray, drab look.

M&A Scorecard | September 2008

The shaky credit market has had magazine M&A on lockdown over the last several weeks, with little more than a peep coming in the way of finalized deals. In late July, the sale of Entrepreneur Media Group fizzled. One potential...

Studies in Magazine Marketing

Edit, sales and circulation may be what springs to mind when talking about the magazine industry but the magazine marketing department is playing a more vital role than ever. Just like their peers in other publishing disciplines, marketers are being...

FaceUp: Table

Issue: SummerFrequency: QuarterlyLaunched: November 2006Circ: 25,000Editor: Christina FrenchPublishing Company: FrenchPressPublicationsCreative Director: Craig Thompson

Outsourcing Circulation: Not Just For Small Publishers Anymore

First it was IDG, which decided to outsource circulation for PC World, Macworld and GamePro to circ services firm ProCirc. A few days later, fellow tech publisher Ziff Davis Media said it will outsource circulation of PC Magazine and Electronic...

Where Has Design Craft Gone?

We’ve had Pop Art, Neo Realism, Neo Pop, Grunge, Relational Art and Minimalism, all which had their effects on culture, art direction and magazines. The new millennium has yet to produce an art movement or even a direction for magazine...

Best Bets

In an age of marketing overload, readers want information that is processed, not just dropped into place. They want magazines that are edited, not written. Younger readers are especially interested in getting to the best, quickly.

Making the Case for Ad Portals

The basic definition of an ad portal is a technology that allows advertisers and agencies to submit files electronically. In reality, though, ad portal technology varies widely from Web-based to application and software-based systems; from portals that simply handle the...

From Back of the Pack to an Online Leader

The traditional Webinar model (PowerPoint presentation and conference call) generated decent attendance and leads for Keller Publishing and its sponsors, but the publisher thought a more updated approach could work even better.

Convert Your Most Popular Print Content

Hearst Magazines Digital Media is partnering with video and on-demand television network ExerciseTV to produce the Seventeen Trainer, a series of Seventeen magazine-branded exercise videos for teenage girls.