August 2011

Face Up: V Magazine

MAGSTATSIssue: July/August 2011, V72 Frequency: Bi-MonthlyLaunched: 1999Circ: 85,000Publisher: Visionaire PublishingArt Director: Sandra KangEditor-in-Chief: Stephen Gan

The 10 Dumbest Things I’ve Heard This Year

When you deal with a lot of people, along with the brilliant stuff comes very dumb stuff as well. Inexperienced voices should be forgiven but when the big and powerful make appalling statements you have to ask yourself how they...

Consumer Ad Pages Flat in First Half 2011

In the first half of 2011, the magazine industry was abuzz with news of the latest digital editions, Apple’s subscription mandates for publishers selling their wares through the App Store and those stepping away from Apple’s model to go the...

Can Editors Make the Jump to Marketing Services?

“Content is king” once again, at least when it comes to marketing services (original content for many dedicated publishing brands has largely given way to more cost-effective strategies of aggregation and curation).

Meredith Guarantees Print ROI for Select Advertisers

Meredith Corp.—publisher of titles such as Better Homes & Gardens and Ladies Home Journal—has introduced The Meredith Engagement Dividend, a product that offers advertisers guaranteed sales for their investment in Meredith magazines.

The Magazine Medic

THE PATIENT: Harper’s MagazineAGE: 161 yearsVITALS: WeakPROGNOSIS: Downward spiral

Lessons from an Entrepreneurial Editor

In 2010, former Fortune editor David Kirkpatrick teamed up with other ex-Fortune colleagues to form Techonomy, a new media business aimed at convincing leaders from all sectors that technological and social invention is critical.

The Business of Content

Content has always been considered a loss-leader among publishers. However, in the glory days of print, advertising and circulation revenue easily paid for long-form, in-depth content of limited frequency.

2011 Editorial Salary Survey

While all levels of editors are finding themselves with increasing responsibilities and decreasing resources, at least some of those surveyed are seeing relief in their paychecks. However, the editorial categories that experienced monetary gain are certainly earning their dollars.