July 2007

Skids, Sacks and Savings

Co-palletizing and co-mailing have been touted as two of the top ways to decrease distribution costs while simultaneously appeasing the USPS, which is pushing for greater distribution efficiencies even as its rate hikes take effect this month. In other words,...

Enthusiastic About the Future

You know how some companies have challenges with uninspired editors and salespeople? They struggle with how to retrain people and how to motivate them and get them acclimated to changing times.

A CEO’s Life After a Sale

What do the names Tom Kemp, David Nussbaum, Andy Goodenough, Tom Rogers, Michael Wood, and mine have in common? We all happen to be ex-CEOs of publishing companies backed and then sold by private-equity firms. What is a former CEO...

How (and When) to Plan Your Exit Strategy

Why bother with an exit strategy? The simple answer: Lack of a cohesive exit strategy, for publishers large or small, is a recipe for financial disaster. Stated more positively, a well-executed plan to build and sell your property can greatly...

Face Up: The Deal

This Month: The DealIssue: June 11-17, 2007Frequency: WeeklyLaunched: November 2002Circulation: 50,000Editor: Robert TeitelmanPublisher: The Deal LLCArt Director: Larry Gendron

Regional Magazine Survey

City and regional magazines remain one of the last havens of print publishing. While both b-to-b and mainstream consumer publishers either grapple with or capitalize on the encroachment of online into their markets, city and regional publishers for the most...