July 2006

Technology Supplier Showcase

Magazine publishing is no longer limited to two or three vendors handling back-end production. Today, as publishers dramatically overhaul their business model, they're looking for visionary partners who can help them take the next steps toward growth and profitability.

Monetizing Affinity Partners

Association magazines looking for more revenue may not have to look that far. Affinity partners;the insurance, courier and car rental companies, for example;that sign on to offer members discounted rates on services can be a bonus revenue source if converted...

Private Equity’s Big Names

Ted Forstmann. Jim Dunning. Dick Swank. Gerry Hogan and Blair Schmidt-Fellner. Masayoshi Son. The list of significant players in the history of magazines and private equity is long and impressive. Among the many ways private equity has influenced the industry...

The Problem With Shrinking Lists (And How to Conteract It)

Mailing lists are shrinking for a variety of reasons: High costs, competition and privacy issues, to name a few. There is no data-driven piece of research documenting the fact that lists are shrinking, but the bottom line is that many...

One Media Company, One CapEx Priority: Technology

What capital items does Cygnus plan to purchase this year? Fisher: Cygnus Business Media is a relatively low capex business. We segment (purchases) into three categories: Maintenance capex, which is consistent from year-to-year, and includes replacement and upgrades to office...

How Technology is Transforming Magazine Publishing

FOLIO: To start, which technologies have had the most significant impact on your individual jobs over the past year. New product applications? Enterprise software? Workflow solutions? Digital delivery opportunities?

The Revenue Tipping Point

In recent years, some b-to-b magazine publishers have taken to crowing about their online growth, citing double-digit and even triple digit year-over-year gains. That’s impressive until you realize that the real revenue being generated online was still miniscule.

Font Fundamentals

Fonts, like rare stamps or coins, are fun to collect but easy to loose control of if you have lots of them. For both large and small publishers, font collections can easily run into the thousands. Carol DaSilva, IT business...

Acquiring New Subscribers

Getting new subscribers is arguably the most difficult job circulators have. Cary Zel, president and co-founder of ProCirc, offers these tricks of the trade on how to get new names on the mailing list: Direct Mail:

Enduring the Road to Divestment

In April, after an eight month-long process, my long-time financial partner, Frontenac Company, and I closed on the sale of b-to-b IT publishing company 101communications to 1105 Media, formed by two private equity firms.

Reversing the Flow

Jason Snell, editorial director at 350,000-circ MacWorld, has essentially reversed his editorial production priorities between the print magazine and its Web site. The majority of stories are now generated for the Web audience first and then later further developed for...

Creating the Editorial ‘Triple Treat’

Just as publishers begin to move toward integrated sales teams, the content side of the business is recasting its staff to create a team that can identify content that works for print, digital and face-to-face.

Stapled Financing Juices M&A Competition

S tapled financing, once used predominantly by the bulge bracket firms in billion-dollar deals, is becoming more prevalent in mid-market publishing deal circles, thanks to favorable lending terms.

Adventures in Virtual Publishing

Want to save a bundle? Eliminate the office. No more rent, utilities, cleaning services, commuting and parking problems. Of course, you will be losing some camaraderie and creative sessions over lunch or coffee in the conference room. But, after that,...

Face Up: Harper

Concept: Harper’s May 2006 cover story was about the potential dangers surrounding the U.S. housing bubble. So art director Stacey D. Clarkson imagined that when the bubble burst, people would be trapped with their large mortgages.