June 2013

One-Page Wonder: Infinite Scroll

Ending an article is no problem in print: You get to the bottom and the reader knows to turn the page.A reader’s next step is less defined online. They may stick with you, but it’s more likely they’ll leave.

How to Prevent a Twitter Hack

Recent Twitter hacks done this spring by a group called the Syrian Electronic Army (SEA) on the Associated Press and The Onion have brought attention to the vulnerability of a media organization’s social media account.

Making Sense of Marketing Services

For all the activity around “marketing services,” publishers in general still have a lot to learn when setting up a sales operation around this kind of service strategy. The lessons typically center on three core buckets: Culture, market approach and...

Ripping Off the Band-Aid

When a print magazine transitions to digital-only, the idea that it’s a knee-jerk, last-ditch effort to keep a dying brand alive is not unique to media industry navel-gazers. A brand’s audience can smell it a mile away, too.