June 2011

FaceUp: Flight Training

MAGSTATSIssue: May 2011Frequency: MonthlyLaunched: 1989Circ: 125,000Publishing Company: AOPADesign Director: Mike KlineEditor-in-Chief: Thomas B. Haines

National Treasure

National Geographic is a perennial winner at the National Magazine Awards, picking up 26 through the years, including the two it won in 2011 (one of which was Magazine of the Year, making National Geographic just the second title to...

Paywalls Versus Advertising? Why Not Both?

Advertising and paywalls are often viewed as a mutually exclusive proposition but they can successfully co-exist, according to participants at a roundtable at DPAC (Digital Publishing and Advertising Conference) earlier this month.

The Magazine Medic

THE PATIENT: The WeekAGE: 10 yearsVITALS: Strong PROGNOSIS: Continued growth --but self-reflection is earnestly advised 

Seven Ways to Monetize Marketing Services Online

“Beyond the banner” is a term that publishers have kicked around for years in terms of digital marketing opportunities. As the number of different channels grows, so does the opportunity to really go beyond the banner but it often requires...

AOL Outlines How New AOL Advertising.com Group Will Serve Publishers

Earlier this month, AOL launched the AOL Advertising.com Group, a b-to-b advertising division focused on serving publishers. In hopes of bringing premium advertising to the online sector, AOL has harnessed several of its companies (Advertising.com, ADTECH, Pictela, Goviral, 5min Media,...

Android Closes On Apple in Volume, But Not Usage

Apple’s App Store remains the largest but the Google Android Marketplace should match it in size by the end of July, while Blackberry App World will double in size within a six-month period, according to new research from Distimo.

Publishing’s New Breed

Back in 2009, things were looking pretty bleak for quite a few industries, and b-to-b magazines were no exception. While the typical American business thinking has always been to grow your business or die trying, 2009-2010 saw larger publishers divesting...

Men’s Health and Women’s Health Launch Facebook Contest

Publishers have long been looking for ways to enhance their Facebook fan pages with campaigns that drive engagement and tightly integrate website and Facebook traffic. Accordingly, Rodale’s Men’s and Women’s Health brands are each launching a Facebook contest called the...

2011 Advertising Sales Salary Survey

For those in the publishing industry, recovery from the so-called “Great Recession” has been slow going. Any ad page growth is considered significant, and publishing companies are cautiously filling the holes in staff rosters left open during the economic crisis.

Developing the Mobile Web

In 2011, Kiplinger’s Personal Finance embarked on a major growth initiative to expand its audience and develop new revenue streams by bolstering digital and social media content (and saw its reader demographics get younger and more evenly spit between male/female...