June 2009

Face Up: Edutopia

Issue: February/March 2009Frequency: Bi-monthly Launched: 2004Circ: 100,000-120,000Consulting Editor: Owen Edwards

The Great Cover Ad Debate

How do you feel about advertising on your cover?According to a poll that ran on FOLIOmag.com from May 15 to May 20, 51 percent of respondents believe any form of cover advertisement is a violation of editorial ethics. However, 46...

Developing the Edit Staff That Will Define Your Future

Community pool. Services arm. “Content without borders.” Whatever the new concepts touted as the editorial structure of the future, one thing is clear; an editor’s role will never be what it was just five years ago.

Buying Paper the Right Way

Magazine Publishing, like other industries, is facing unprecedented challenges. Finding ways to hold onto revenue or cut costs is more important than ever. With paper being a key cost component of a publication, it’s worth investigating whether you’re buying paper...

Back From the Brink

It’s been a tough first half for magazine publishing. Consumer advertising pages plunged 25.9 percent through the first quarter, and b-to-b pages haven’t been faring any better.

Four Ways to Avoid “Paid Content” Suicide

Rupert Murdoch recently announced a plan where his newspaper Web sites would start charging for access to content. In the same week, at the FIPP World Magazine conference in London, Conde Nast International Chairman, and Jonathan Newhouse echoed the call...

Producing Your First Virtual Event

A mystique surrounds virtual events because of their foundation in technology and the very images conjured up by the word “virtual.”

Apps Served Hot

In the grand scheme of things, iPhone applications are a relatively new phenomenon (the iTunes Store began offering them just 10 months ago) but their popularity has skyrocketed of late. In May, Apple said it passed the one billion download...

Optimizing Digital Editions

Publisher interest in digital editions continues to grow, even as the Web site becomes the primary digital product for many. However, many publishers are just scratching the surface of what’s available to them, from embedded search and rich media to...

Crafting a Winner

Many of the major magazine awards have been accused of catering to the same big name (often New York-centric) winners year after year.

Special Preview – Folio: B-to-B CEO Survey Report 2009

In August, FOLIO: will release a special report analyzing five year’s worth of its B-to-B CEO surveys conducted with Readex Research, tracking everything from revenue performance to profit trends to technology investments and CEO salaries.In advance of the five-year outlook,...