April / May 2014

The 2014 B-to-B CEO Survey

Despite the best guesses of b-to-b publishing CEOs, print revenue isn't going away and digital dollars aren't stacking up as fast as they thought (or, maybe, hoped) they would.Print advertising still accounted for more than half (52.5 percent) of total revenue...

Where Should Your CMS Go Next?

Content management is often a balance between systemization and customization. As digital lines blur—between products, platforms and the constantly evolving versions of each—there's pressure to standardize content so it can live on longer and in more places.

The Magazine Medic: All You

  THE PATIENT: All You AGE: 10 years VITALS: Stable PROGNOSIS: Very good   Parents and teachers often instruct kids not to judge others too quickly.

Face Up: Out

Issue: April 2014Frequency: MonthlyLaunched: 1992Circ: 203,000Editor: Aaron HicklinCreative Director: David GrayPhotographer: Michael MillerPublishing Company: here Media