May 2013

Being Creative With Curated Content

The argument for content curation has always been one of efficiency. It allows you to cover more ground, in less time.Companies are finding opportunities to get creative with the process though as more media bring some form of curation into...

The Magazine Medic

THE PATIENT: Robb ReportAGE: 37 yearsVITALS: SteadyPROGNOSIS: Sclerotic tissue

Paper: Effectively Managing the Biggest Cost Center

Paper has been at the heart of the publishing industry since Gutenberg introduced the printing press in 1450. Flash forward 560 years, and the ups and downs of the market still exist, leaving publishers with the task of wrangling costs...

2013 FOLIO: B-to-B CEO Survey

For about as long as we’ve been fielding this survey, digital has been labeled the fastest growing sector in b-to-b media. It is again this year, by far, according to respondents to the survey.

B-To-B Tech Outlook

The b-to-b media mix is shifting. Consumers are accessing content on their own terms from a variety of platforms, marketers are redirecting their spending accordingly and publishers are altering their business models to attract and support the best opportunities.

Multiplatform Breakthroughs in Regional Publishing

City and regional magazines have, in general, historically been slower to adopt the more cutting-edge digital strategies that their consumer and b-to-b media cousins have pursued. There are exceptions, but the gap between print and digital revenues is still much...