May 2012

Centralizing Social

Whether or not social media is a function that needs to be centralized varies among publishers. Some consider it an audience development operation, others keep it with the editors.

Resisting Brandividualism Is Futile

Last fall, at the American Business Media’s Executive Forum, I joined IDG Enterprise CCO John Gallant and SourceMedia EVP/CCO David Longobardi on stage for a panel about the future of content and editorial and, much to my surprise, my introduction...

The Magazine Medic

THE PATIENT: Life ExtensionAGE: 16 yearsVITALS: StablePROGNOSIS: Very good.

The Value and Models Behind Experiential Events

While digital revenues have been growing the fastest for consumer publishers, commanding an increasing amount of attention and resources, events are another solid segment that are attracting interest from consumers and advertisers alike, further diversifying a publisher’s product plat

The Expanding Role of Printers

With the race on for expanding magazine brands onto a variety of platforms, particularly the kind that don’t involve paper, printers are finding new ways to serve clients and draw in new revenue. Some of these tactics include launching multiplatform...

Paper-Buying Strategies

Given the unpredictability of the paper market, and paper’s status as one of the largest cost centers for publishers, it’s vital to keep close tabs on all aspects of paper buying. While one can easily feel stuck, with little room...

Creative Suite 6 and the Bottom Line

Every 18 months or so, designers are introduced to the latest incarnation of Adobe’s Creative Suite (CS), the bundle of nearly every major software application the company offers. Since its introduction in 2003, CS has solidified Adobe’s leading position in...