May 2009

Digging Deeper

Last month, ABM’s Business Information Network reported b-to-b ad pages fell 27 percent in January 2009 compared to January 2008— the largest single drop in a year (representing nearly 30 s

Face Up: Seed

Issue: January/February 2009Frequency: Bi-monthly Launched: 2004Circ: 30,000Editor: Laura McNeil

The Plight of the Postal Service

It’s springtime, so that must mean another postal rate increase. Thankfully, this increase, like last year, is tied to the Consumer Price Index (CPI).

Tools for Managing Your Brand Online

Monitoring your magazine brand’s Web reputation can be just as important as updating your magazine’s Web page. Amanda MacArthur, Mequoda Group editor and publisher, offers three online tools that are necessary to monitor and manage her brand.

Your Next Generation Webinar

The nuts and bolts of webinars—console layout, speaker format and content—aren’t likely to change drastically this year, despite growing popularity. And they likely won’t in 2010, either. Economics and diminishing T&E budgets have made the Webinar model an attractive savior...

Returning to the ‘Walled Garden’

With print losses mounting, and online ad revenues not living up to expectations, some publishers are returning to the idea of monetizing editorial content online. In April, Court TV and American Lawyer founder Steve Brill, along with former Wall Street...

Special Report: Online-Only Publishers

The Rise (and Potential Fall) of the AggregatorsNews may be a commodity online but it still draws the eyeballs, which in turn drive the ad dollars. Aggregators are often the bane of established publishers. Launched for little cost, they simply...

Using Lists for Acquisition, Behavior, Tracking and Analytics

“There’s a diametric shift in the publishing business,” says Lisa Moore, senior VP, business development, at Direct Media. “It’s a whole new world, a channel shift, and the consumer is in control. Publishers are still using direct mail but mailing...

The End of the $400,000+ CEO?

Salary cuts are the norm for many publishers these days and the executive level is often the first hit before it trickles down to the rank-and-file.

Interviewer’s Checklist

You can only go so far with online research and e-mail press release-style information. In order to invigorate stories, you have to work the phones and set up interviews with leading players in the field. Here is an overview for...

Give Print a Chance

I love digital. I love videos. So much that we are changing our name from The Magazine Group to TMG.  We’re performing all sorts of non-traditional media services for our clients. But I am sick of hearing that magazines are...