May 2008

Face Up: Christianity Today

Issue: March 2008Frequency: MonthlyCirc: 150,000Editor: David Neff/Mark GalliPublishing Company: Christianity Today InternationalDesign Director: Gary Gnidovic

2008 B-to-B CEO Survey

The tipping point for business-to-business publishing is here. No, not the tipping point where print is surpassed by other revenue streams (in 2007, on average, print accounted for 63 percent of total revenue for publishers generating less than $5 million...

Postal Point-Counterpoint

Folio: asked two magazine executives with vastly different publishing backgrounds a set of questions about the impact of last July’s shape-based postal rate structure. While Time Inc.—the largest magazine publisher in the United States and the U.K.

Church and State

In the beginning was the word. Advertising came later. Much later. But here we are in an era when editors are under more pressure than ever to bend, to accommodate advertisers, even at the cost of editorial erosion.

Don’t Treat Non-Qualifieds as ‘Throwaways’

As more and more companies move to integrate their databases—so they can slice their data for multiple, cross-platform use—mining all of the data, not just top-line circulation demographics or subscriber interests, is becoming a key part of the publisher playbook....

Turning Social Partnerships Into Profit

Just as video was in 2007, social media is the “killer app” for magazine publishers in 2008 and teaming up with an existing network offers a huge audience without much cost or effort (Facebook’s and YouTube’s outreach to magazine publishers...

Making the Case For Recession-Proof City and Regional Titles

While much of the publishing industry grits its teeth in anticipation of a recession and national publishers reign in their print launches, the city and regional market remains hot, thanks to a low barrier to entry and a continued demand...

Is it Time for B-to-B Publishers to Panic?

Following weeks of grim news involving some of business media’s marquee names, it would appear the state of b-to-b publishing has gone from bad to worse—in a hurry.

More Funding for Publish2

Last month, Publish2, a social network and news aggregator devoted to journalists, announced it received $2.75 million in financing from Velocity Interactive Group, an investment firm specializing in digital media and communications.

Magazine as Metaphor

Typography is ubiquitous in signs, billboards and graffiti. Design can be seen in the shapes of buildings, in sound, music, film, television and, of course, in print. All contribute to an endless store of visual wealth.

RFP: “Request for Perjury” or Sales Opportunity?

At most publishing companies, RFP’s get no love. The RFP process started out as a legitimate and helpful tool for buyers to weed out less appropriate media options so they could let buyers focus more quality time on the remainders....

Brand Confusion

Ziff Davis. Ziff Davis Enterprise. Summit Media. Summit Business Media. Apprise. Ascend. Aspire.

Tracking Behind Budget? An Adjustment Guide

Always one of the most challenging periods to sell, a first-quarter revenue shortfall can set the tone for the rest of the year. Here, a cross-section of magazine publishers, both consumer and b-to-b, offer tips, strategies and best practices for...