May 2007

Tracking Behind Budget? An Adjustment Guide

No mistake about it, ad revenues are flat for the majority of the magazine industry. And if publishers don't have diverse revenue streams to offset print's modest performance, a significant revenue shortfall for, say, first quarter, will have a dramatic...

The Online-Only Transition

Publishers have dropped print brands while keeping the Web site running for years. But by 2006 it was as if a switch was flipped. Seven major titles made the transition to an online-only brand. And in the first quarter of...

Creating an Internet Hub for Successful Multiplatform Publishing

The concept of a single-title magazine publisher, delivering a single printed magazine to a single audience in 2007 seems almost quaint. Magazine companies have reinvented themselves over the last decade into multi-platform publishers. The most successful can deliver any specialized...

Publisher vs. Agency

It happens all the time: Smart magazine marketers and salespeople come up with a killer integrated sales plan for an advertiser;combining print, online and events;but when they pitch to the agency, the idea disintegrates because the agency has a separate...

Dos and Don’ts for a Positive Focus Group Experience

by Lynn AdelmundFocus groups are often viewed as the most glamorous of market research activities, if that isn't considered an oxymoron. But unless focus group projects are designed and executed well, your chance of learning anything of value is limited.

Want to Sell at a Premium?

by Marrecca FioreIn the M&A world, publishing companies with strong e-media strategies are valued more heavily and earn higher multiples compared to their print-heavy counterparts, say media bankers and publishing buyers.

A Homegrown Subscription Tracking System

Open source software is allowing publishers to develop Web design and content management systems in-house, rather than out-source to vendors. Publishers are also starting to bring other applications in-house.

Digital Magazines Take the Next Step

Type in the word "make" in Google Search and the first result is for, a digital preview of the popular "how-to-build" magazine that allows viewers to sample three content pages.

Ziff’s Last Stand

A spat about the relevance of PC Magazine erupted in mid-April when a top public-relations executive dissed the print version of the venerable Ziff Davis Media title.

The Path to Change

If economics is a series of micro decisions that create a macro trend, then 2006 will go down as the year the fundamental economics changed forever in b-to-b media.

Cover Blurbs That Sell

Cover blurbs are the most important copy in the book. They are consummate editing, the sizzle on the editorial steak. They determine whether or not the reader goes to the inside or even picks up the book to browse. They...

Face Up: Discover

This Month: DiscoverIssue: Febuary 2007Frequency: MonthlyLaunched: October 1980Editor: Corey PowellPublisher: Discover MediaCreative Director: Emiliano Neri