April 2009

Going Digital-Only: Last Ditch Effort or Smart Strategy?

PC Magazine. Avenue A. PROMO. Craft. The list of former print titles going digital-only is growing almost weekly as publishers shift from a print product that is no longer economically feasible to what they hope is the future of their...

Custom Shops Take On More Traditional Roles

That some publishers would turn to a one-stop custom shop is no surprise, particularly if they lack resources and expertise in media. But now, associations, trades and brands that have for years produced in-house print products are turning to custom...

The 2009 FOLIO: 40

Welcome to the 2009 FOLIO: 40, the oldest, most comprehensive and most distinguished magazine industry compilation of its kind.

A Social Media Primer for Publishers

I’ve had the opportunity to talk with hundreds of publishers over the last few months about the state of their business. With all the challenges that face the traditional publishing business model, the most popular questions all revolve around social...

Readability Rules

One of my favorite magazines used to be Esquire. I just wish I could read more of it. For me, the text type is often too small, the lines too lengthy. And then there are the blocks of weenie reversed-out...

Why Are Successful Magazines Folding?

The magazine “couldn’t reach our benchmarks.”“We cannot justify continued investment.”“We have concluded that this economic market will not support our business expectations.”

Publisher Puts Media Kit on Flash Drive

Like virtually every media company, winter sports enthusiast publisher Storm Mountain began its foray into media kits with standardized single cards and printed kits for its titles, Freeskier and Snowboard.

Enterprise Publishing at Work

In efforts to locate publishers who actually achieve Enterprise Publishing, I found one publisher who comes closest to adhering to the basics of Enterprise Publishing, either fully achieved or in the process towards optimal implementation. The requirements are:

Five W’s of Effective Prospecting

In a climate where ad dollars are drying up rapidly, sales teams are forced to take a more critical look at prospecting process. When seeking out potential advertising partners, five “w’s”—who, what, where, when and why— of prospecting can narrow...

Telemarketing’s Staying Power

Magazine telemarketing has been riding a rollercoaster lately. It fell out of favor for a while with the advent of cheap e-mail only to land back on the top of the circulator’s short list when e-mail didn’t deliver the desired...

Making Sense of CMS

Most publishers are scrambling to update their online content management system (and may even be on their third or fourth upgrade). The choices are staggering and smaller publishers can often be at a loss.

How to Grow Your Social Network

With increasingly inexpensive providers and sites offering turn-key solutions, starting a social network for a magazine brand is easy. But growing one is a challenge. Social networks inherently rely on organic, audience-driven growth—the kind of word-of-mouth marketing that has led...

Digital Magazines 2009

Six years ago, digital editions more often than not were the last redoubt of a print magazine in decline. Three years ago,