April 2007

M&A Scorecard – April 2007

A group of smaller deals were announced recently, with two notable large deals, at presstime, still seemingly out there - Primedia's 70-magazine enthusiast group and Ziff Davis's gaming and consumer/small business groups, as well as its enterprise group. February 23...

Mining the Market

B-to-b publishing can drill down into some incredibly arcane topics, but great opportunities lie in edifying those topics for your audience. Summit Business Media's National Underwriter has realized a potential $400,000 business over the confusion regarding life settlements in the...

Processing Digital Photography

Across the board, digital workflows have enabled production teams to deliver more content faster at less cost. This is certainly true as well in processing and trafficking digital photographs. Yet, like any new workflow with a high degree of technological...

Reaching For, But Not Quite Getting, SEO’s Brass Ring

Search engine optimization, engineering your site so search engines can efficiently crawl it and searchers can find it, is a critical strategy in any site developer's toolkit. Yet, despite a well-documented laundry list of tactics publishers can follow to optimize...

Emergency Report! Postal Rate Strategies

Well, the fix is in. Or so the greater powers that be in the postal world would have us believe, that things are finally on the mend. Last month, the Governors of the United States Postal Service finally voted on...

How to Build an Online Job Board

As the publisher of a number of media-based magazines including Ad Week, Hollywood Reporter and Billboard, Nielsen Business Media has been doing online and print classified advertising for years when the brands began to overlap in the marketplace.

E-Paper: Closer than You Think

Publishers may soon find themselves delivering content on yet another media platform. E-paper, a display technology that you can roll up and put in your pocket, is the next generation in reading devices.

Preparing for BPA’s Telemarketing Recording Rules

In less than a year, BPA-audited publications will have to begin submitting recordings of their telemarketing calls along with their publishers' statements. The 2008 Telemarketing Recording Rule goes into effect on January 1.

Diluting the User-Gen Kool-Aid

Community publishing," "user-generated content" and "social networks" may be the latest buzz online but they are not new concepts to the magazine industry. Reiman Publications, part of Reader's Digest, has relied on user-generated content since its founding in 1965.

Competitors, Neighbors, Partners

For Jerry Powers, president of SoBe News Inc., the publisher of Ocean Drive and other party-pic heavy regional luxe titles, the idea of expanding into glitzy Las Vegas was too tempting to ignore.

Custom Case Studies

From a Journal to a MagazineThe Magazine Group helps The American Association of Community Colleges increase advertising by 50 percent.

Fixed Placement Ads

Home pages stuffed with a variety of ad sizes, rotating customer messages with each page view, may not be the best way to go. In this case, publishers may be confusing quantity for quality and a client's brand impact is...

Multimedia Evolution

IDG president Bob Carrigan advised publishers to experiment now, because "the days of 20 percent and 30 percent growth won't last forever," during a presentation sponsored by RMS called "The Roles of Online and Multimedia Content" at the Folio: Publishing...

Where Have All the Minnows Gone?

If magazine mergers and acquisitions currently reside in the Age of Private Equity, there is mounting evidence that the industry may be evolving toward the Era of the Small Deal. There is simply a limit to how many leviathan deals...

Telephone Tactics

Phone interviews give you quicker, easier access to sources, no matter where they are, and with far less expense. According to telemarketing stats, an average telephone sales call costs $15 compared to $230 for an average business-to-business field call, a...

SEO Deliverables

Search engine optimization is the holy grail of Web site traffic generation. The more your site is optimized, the higher it will appear in search engine results. Many publishers are debating whether to hire a full-time staff to manage their...

The FOLIO: 40 | 2007

Welcome to the 2007 FOLIO: 40—the oldest, most comprehensive and most distinguished compilation of its kind.

Face Up: National Defense

This Month: National DefenseIssue: January 2007Frequency: MonthlyLaunched: 1920 (as Army Ordinance)1974 (as National Defense)Editor: Sandra I. ErwinPublisher: National Defense Industrial Association (NDIA)Art Director: Brian Taylor