April 2006

The Editor’s Letter: Come On In!

Dear Reader: Remember when you used to jump into the pool then call out, "Come on in, the water's fine!" Same thing with the editor's page. You have been swimming around in these editorial waters for a long time, and...

Making Sense of Manufacturing Standards

"Without standards you have one-offs of development in every part of the supply chain. You have to reinvent the process over and over again." David Steinhardt, CEO, IDEAlliance

The Global Paper Game

North America used to be the leading producer of magazine-grade paper, both in quality and quantity. But that was 20 years ago. Those days might be gone forever. Once the leading paper producer, North America has shut down machines, closed...

Clamor Over Custom

Custom publishing is a fertile $48 billion market that has more than doubled since 1999. It is also more competitive than ever. Marketers have become more enthusiastic about this unique combination of the best of print editorial and best of...

Creative List Creation

Finding quality circulation prospects from a prepared list is hard work, says Heidi Spangler, circulation director for b-to-b publisher, GIE Media. "There's so much garbage on lists these days," she says. So the best circ experts build lists, and the...

Trimming the Fat

It's an infamous story in b-to-b publishing circles. An assistant editor for a prominent publisher was put in charge of handling an event, including negotiating with the hotel. Those negotiations resulted in the publisher owing the hotel more than six...

Inching Closer to Online Insertion Orders

Last November, Time Inc. vice president of paper and digital development Guy Gleysteen said he expected the company to start receiving automated insertion orders in the first quarter [Folio:, November 2005].

Try Running Video Ads On Your Web Site

Often, magazine publishers boast that their online banner inventory is sold out while including the disclaimer, "It's a good problem to have!" But behind that bravado lies the realization that one of their fastest growing revenue streams is capped.

Managing Retail Category Managers

There's been plenty of talk about penetrating the distribution channel at retail more effectively and efficiently. Yet time-pressed magazine category managers at, say, CVS or Barnes & Noble, are experiencing their own pressures as they fight for territory within their...

A Case for Ratebase Reduction

Typically when a magazine reduces ratebase, many observers speculate a problem is brewing. However the motivation behind lowering the numbers does not necessarily reflect a lack of reader or advertiser interest. Kiplinger's Personal Finance successfully reduced its ratebase by 200,000...

Face Up: Inside Supply Management

This month: Inside Supply Management Issue: March 2006 Frequency: Monthly Launched: January, 1990 Circulation: approx. 40,000 Editor: Roberta J. Duffy Publisher: Institute for Supply Management Creative Director/Art/Graphics: Bates Creative Design Group, LLC