March 2014

Boom or Bust with Facebook

Science magazine Discover had 69,000 Facebook likes at the beginning of 2013. Growing steadily, that audience had doubled by September. Then in October, it doubled again. November?

Adding Life to List Franchises

A flood of press releases, tweets and congratulations hit the wires when big-name franchise lists come out every year, but the features live on after the issue leaves newsstands.Increasingly, dedicated verticals and events are being introduced to turn these franchises...

Making Friends with Instability

 One of the ongoing challenges for publishers is the sense of instability that arises from the never-ending changes in technology and audience behavior. From sales to marketing and even publishing’s most fundamental service—content creation—market dynamics are constantly evolving.

The Rise of Programmatic Advertising

With the media industry so hungry for revenue, gimmicky practices often launch industry buzzwords that achieve a rare moment of glory before quickly fizzling out. However, with the consistently championed programmatic advertising, there seems to be real substance behind the...

Technology or Content: Which Comes First?

Marshall McLuhan's famous dictum tells us that the form of a medium is inherently part of the message itself. Content in printed magazine form, for example, dictates many aspects of the story-from its written style and word count to the subtleties...