March 2013

Beyond Display Advertising

Legacy publishers have historically been beaten to the punch by the more disruptive online-only competition.

Forget Digital-First, How About Technology-First?

Cygnus Business Media CEO John French, who was brought on three years ago just as the b-to-b media company came out of bankruptcy protection, has spent that time making some dramatic moves in an effort to turn the company around.

Association Publishing Market Puts Digital in Focus

In the United States and elsewhere, there is an association for everything—from toilets to tech organizations, these groups stand to protect and promote the goals of their own industry sectors in a variety of ways, and many do so with...

Defining the Strategic Path for B-to-B Media

For most b-to-b publishers, print has receded into a broader array of information services and marketing initiatives for brand partners, including events, digital and data. This is not news, but grappling with how this media mix impacts strategic focus going...

The M&A Outlook For 2013

There were notable deals in 2012—Hanley Wood, Ziff Davis and The New Republic, were among the big-name brands moved—but no blockbusters. Mergers and acquisitions activity in the consumer and business-to-business publishing markets increased some, but held close to recent averages...

Integrating Social Marketing Into Brand Campaigns

Social marketing isn’t close to peaking yet, but it’s already a part of almost every conversation between brands and marketers.Close to 90 percent of advertisers are using some form of it, according to a recent Nielsen study.

Five Ways to Cut Cost Through Production Efficiencies

Today more than ever publishers are looking for ways to save time and money in production. There are several obvious measures that can reduce cost and increase margins, however some solutions can be so sweeping that they jeopardize the integrity...

The Magazine Medic

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