March 2009

Face Up: 417

Issue: February 2009Frequency: Monthly Launched: 1998 (Whitaker has owned since 2001)Circ: 17,000Editor: Katie Pollock

From Internet Nickels to Digital Dollars

The phrase “print dollars, Internet nickels” gets attributed to Time Inc. CEO Ann Moore, who a few years ago compared the trickle of online revenue consumer publishers were seeing to the traditional billion dollar print business.

Newsstand in Crisis: Triage for Publishers and Wholesalers

The second half of 2008 spawned some of the worst Fas-Fax numbers that newsstand distribution experts have seen to date—not to mention the wholesale distributor shakeup-turned-debacle starring Anderson News and Source Interlink—leaving many publishers waiting for the dust to settle,...

2009 Magazine Publishing Enterprise Software Report

The publishing process is becoming ever more automated. Not just online, but also in print production—and, of course, with the growing need to automate both print and online workflows, so often they’re compatible.

Primex Report: State of Print Production

Primex 2009 was a subdued event, held during a rare Florida deep freeze at a time when the print-magazine industry is enduring perhaps its worst-ever deep freeze. The event, which ran February 3-5 near Tampa, was highlighted by sessions on...

Growing a Company in the E-Media Age

At a time when most publishers are working with slim budgets—even preaching social media and digital editions to be industry saviors—launches have still remained a constant.

M&A Prospects 2009

The number of media acquisitions has plummeted over the last year and there’s little chance of a rebound in 2009, particularly for the blockbuster, private equity-driven deals that dominated the marketplace until recently.

Making User Generated Content Pay

In its 2009 Media & Entertainment Predictions report, consulting and advisory firm Deloitte warns that with no monetization schemes in place, user generated content will become less attractive to publishers. “A site with tens of millions of members, all submitting...


Readers like success stories—and, boy, do we need them now. What are the elements of success? Foremost, hard work. Success is generally considered an impressive achievement when something turns out as planned or intended, and someone attains wealth, fame or...

Newsletter Sales Strategies

One of the great services traditional print ad salespeople did for the marketing world was to encourage year-long media buys that fostered ongoing communication. There were legendary moments when the best of us refused “one shot” ads while advocating comprehensive...

How Lean Is Too Lean?

Last month at the DeSilva + Phillips 2009 Media Dealmakers Summit, a consumer publishing panel featuring J.

Paper Options: Looking Good Without Breaking the Bank

As publishers look to cut costs, paper and trim size are among the first to go under the knife. But that doesn’t mean the magazine necessarily has to sacrifice quality looks (and a quality feel) to save money.

The New Supercharged Database

The game is changing from push to pull marketing and the smart publishers are the ones capitalizing on this movement; meeting readers in all of their different chosen venues and even anticipating their next moves. And with mail lists declining,...

Understanding Partnership Copies

With ad sales and book thickness taking a dive, there is one thing that’s growing—partnership subscriptions. As Jack Hanrahan, publisher of CircMatters, recently outlined, partnerships—pairing a magazine subscription with the purchase of a good or service—have grown 146 percent since...

Confessions of a Virtual Events Skeptic

When the CEO of my former company asked me to look into virtual events three years ago, I shouted “Virtual events will never work. Virtual trade shows are a joke.