April 2008

The 2008 FOLIO: 40

Welcome to the 2008 FOLIO: 40—the oldest, most comprehensive and most distinguished compilation of its kind.

David R. Straus

In the David-Goliath battle between periodicals and the United States Postal Service, publishers have found an indefatigable friend in David R. Straus.

Michael Arrington

He’s been called a “kingmaker,” a “latter-day Henry Blodget,” an “international clearinghouse for gossip and rumor about Silicon Valley”—the tech industry’s “newest power broker.” And why not?

Harry McCracken

On April 30, 2007, PC World’s Harry McCracken resigned as editor-in-chief over a dispute about an opinion piece that then PC World CEO Colin Crawford killed over advertising concerns.

Owen Van Natta | Jordan Hoffner

At a packed off-Broadway theater on the West Side of Manhattan in February, Owen Van Natta, Facebook’s chief revenue officer, and Jordan Hoffner, head of YouTube Partnerships, gave what amounted to two hour-long sales pitches to attende

Publishing IPOs

Far more publishing companies talk about taking their organizations public than actually do so. Business-to-business giant Advanstar dangled an IPO as a possibility for years before it found a buyer willing to pay $1.15 billion and take on its $700...

Bryan Monroe

As president of the National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ), Bryan Monroe was the first national voice to call for the firing of Don Imus when the CBS Radio talk show host made his incendiary racial remarks about the Rutgers...

David Curcurito

Since September 2006, Esquire has been defying the principles of Coverlines 101 with its type-heavy and largely illegible copy barraging almost every cover.


So long, Cigar Aficionado. Bye-bye, BusinessWeek. Adios, American Idol, The Magazine.


Ever since the United States Postal Service raised—and significantly restructured—its rates last summer, publishers have been scrambling to recover from the impact.

Scott Donaton

There are job changes, and then there are jaw-dropping career moves. Scott Donaton’s path falls into the latter category. Donaton, who began his career as an entertainment reporter for AdAge about two decades ago, was named publisher of Entertainment Weekly...

Working with Independent Sales Reps

With all the talk of outsourcing (production, art direction, even editorial), it’s easy to overlook the fact that the revenue-generating function of the magazine business—sales—has long been outsourced with no one batting an eye. Whether through individual reps or a...

Face Up: Functional Ingredients

Issue: March 2008Frequency: 11 times a yearLaunched: January 2001Circ: 12,500Editor: Peter SofroniouPublishing Company: Penton MediaGraphic Designer: Brenda Gallagher

Is MS Word No Longer Preferred?

Six years ago, ThomasNet eliminated Microsoft Word from its editors’ desktops. The result? “It was one of the best things we ever did,” says ThomasNet director Paul Gerbino.

Hybrid Job Positions

Publishers talk a lot about breaking down silos, but what happens once everything inside them comes spilling out into one big mass?

How to Get Out of the Traffic Ghetto

As most publishers know, there always seems to be a precipitous amount of bad news hanging over the magazine industry (newsstand and advertising numbers down, paper prices up). Yet, if trade magazine box scores are to be believed, online traffic...

Picking a Paper Alternative

Paper prices have gone up around 20 percent, in some cases more, and additional hikes are likely on the way—30 percent by the end of the year, by some estimates. It’s more important now than ever to consider less expensive...

The Ins and Outs of Telemarketing

Telemarketing has increased nearly 500 percent in the past decade—by more than 17 million subscriptions—to become the largest source of controlled circulation for publishers, according to an article in Folio: sister publication, Circulation Management.

Playing the Numbers

When used on the cover, numbers go beyond mere numerology; they become editorial quantifiers, limiting the range of individuals or items to a selective list. As quantifiers, they are numbers—only more so. Readers want to know who made the cut....

Digital Magazines 2008

Just a few years ago, industry observers weren’t sure what to make of digital magazines. They were viewed by many as a technology that combined elements of print and online in counterintuitive ways,

Printers Extend their Services to Digital

Most printers today realize that in order to remain competitive, they must offer some type of digital distribution. “Digital delivery is definitely growing,” says Andy Moore, product manager at Sheridan Magazine Services.

The Art of Enhancement: Digital Magazines 2.0

Some publishers enhance their digital editions in all sorts of ways; others don’t do much beyond delivering a replica of the print edition—usually including live links to advertiser Web sites. It really depends on the publisher’s resources and the appetite...

What About E-Paper? And Mobile Delivery?

If e-paper comes to market the way that some people think it will, the digital publishing market will explode,” declares Marcus Grimm, marketing director at Nxtbook Media. “It will be bigger than anything we’ve seen so far.”

With Growth Comes Many Competitors

Digital magazine vendors will tell you that their growth has been phenomenal—anywhere from 25 to 50 percent a year for the last two to three years. That’s one good reason why the industry has gone from a handful of pioneers...

Going All-Digital Spawns a New Business Approach

In its new digital-only format, Physicians’ Travel & Meeting Guide is moving from a traditional 12-times print magazine to an undetermined number of single-sponsored digital editions targeted to single therapeutic categories.

No Love for the Little Guy

Recently, American Business Media named the winners of the 2008 Jesse H. Neal Awards while the American Society of Magazine Editors announced the finalists for its annual National Magazine Awards. The two awards programs single out the best of b-to-b...

M&A Scorecard | April 2008

February 25Buyer: Arlington Capital PartnersSeller: Virgo PublishingSale Price: <$100 mil. est.Multiple: N/A