March 2008

Magazine Job Report 2008

With today’s struggling economy, magazine publishers are trying to do more with less while their businesses change dramatically—two facts that take their toll on those who work hard to keep these businesses running and thriving.

The New Custom Publishing Operation

The last few years have seen publishers completely re-engineer their businesses to exploit content across multiple platforms. Strategies have flattened out to accommodate print, events and online as the three main business sectors.

Face Up: New York

Issue: January 21-28, 2008Frequency: WeeklyLaunched: April 1968Circ: 425,000Editor: Adam MossPublishing Company: New York Media Holdings, LLCCreative Director: Chris Dixon

A Tangled Web

While the Web has been a godsend to those who deal with images, the Internet’s vast resources have also complicated many professional lives. “Here we are, in the final stages of producing our next issue, and once again many of...

Selling Advertising in a Recession

There could be a recession coming—or not—but some advertisers are behaving as if one has already started. Responding to media buyers looking to cut ad budgets has become a priority. For VPs: The Dollars Go Further in Slow Times

Designing Newsstand Covers That Make You Think

Cover design has always, to a degree, followed a basic set of tenets for composition, color and type design. Keep it straightforward, but with enough flash to stand out and attract the busy newsstand browser.

The Promise of XML

XML (extensible markup language) gets your content from print to Web to mobile to syndication—write once, use anywhere. It’s the language that allows any platform to recognize a particular piece of content and it provides the ultimate in content flexibility....

Publishers Prepare for Recession

Many publishers are facing a cost crunch and potential revenue fall in 2008, particularly as the economy seems to inch toward recession.

The Art of Linking

In a recent blog post on, Variety publisher Timothy M. Gray admitted that the Writers Guild strike that enveloped Hollywood forced the 103-year-old magazine to finally define their goals online. “This was the first Hollywood strike fueled by—and negotiated...

Making the Resource Pitch—The Association Way

Whether or not we are already in a recession, publishers are already feeling the crunch. Travel and freelance budgets are being curtailed. Hiring is scaling back, and positions that open up are often being filled by junior staffers.

The Challenge of Cutting Distribution Costs

Distribution is where leaders throughout the production supply chain are looking to cut costs in 2008, according to opening remarks by Tom Fox, vice president of manufacturing and technology, American Express Publishing/Time Inc., at IDEAlliance’s Print Media Executive Summit in...

Building Online Job Boards

Building a job board has become a no-brainer exercise for b-to-b publishers. Turnkey options are available that can result in a fully functional job board launch in as little as a month. Yet for all the ease in setting one...

The Worthwhile Magazine-Website Connection

Some publishers like separation between print and digital brands, allowing the Web site to be just close enough to exploit print’s brand stature while simultaneously developing unique and exclusive content, often catering to a very different audience.

The 10 Deadly Sins of B-to-B Publishing

Even in the face of a down real estate market, b-to-b residential housing and commercial construction publishing giant Hanley Wood is maintaining an aggressive business strategy. During a luncheon keynote at the Folio: Publishing Summit last month, CEO Frank Anton...

Integrating Print and Web Production Teams

In 2007, the production department at Hachette Filipacchi Media U.S. (HFMUS) went through a comprehensive audit to find ways to streamline the operation and increase efficiency.