February 2009

Editor’s Checklist

Let’s say you are editor-in-chief at Blacksmith Monthly, and the publisher asks you to train a new recruit. How do you go about the task of assigning and editing a story? Let us count the ways.

Preparing to Lose

It was a decade ago, but I remember it like it was yesterday. Jim McDermott—my boss at Penton Media—and I had just finished inking the agreement on a multi-year custom magazine deal with Autodesk Software.

Your Next CEO Could Be Your Banker

Forget about new media or broadcast hotshots coming in to whip traditional publishing companies into shape. With so many covenants in danger of violation and some publishers teetering on the edge of bankruptcy, it’s the bankers themselves who are assuming...

Going Back to the Well: How to Get More Funding

Recapitalization will determine the fate of many magazines in 2009, including those that were healthy through much of 2008. Green magazine Plenty shuttered last month, with publisher Mark Spellun saying that the magazine’s financing had simply “dried up.” Mediabistro reported...

What Makes a Good-Looking Site Click?

Much attention is paid to what content management system or other back-end architecture a Web site should have—and with good reason.But a smooth-running site that looks terrible won’t win readers or advertisers.

SIPS Remain Strong on the Newsstand.

Franchise issues generally require extra pages and extra budget allocations. They can also give those that do it right an increased circulation and advertising pick-me-up.

Wholesalers Increase Distribution Prices

A week after Anderson News in January announced a 7-cents-per copy distribution price increase, Source Interlink also says it will also raise its rates by 7 cents. The two wholesalers account for around 50 percent of the magazine distribution market.

A Recession is a Terrible Thing to Waste

Lay-offs. Cost-cutting. Product closures. The headlines are full of the casualties of the current economic climate, and not just for the publishing industry. With print continuing to slide and softness creeping into digital and events, it’s bleak out there.

Sales Reps: Beyond Display and Classifieds

From 2005 to 2007, advertising expenses were the second largest cost (after editorial) for the average b-to-b publication, averaging about $4.1 million per magazine, according to American Business Media’s recently released Financial Trend Report.

Face Up: IDD

Issue: December 2008Frequency: Weekly Launched: 1935Circ: 2,000/weekEditor: Tom GranahanPublishing Company: SourceMedia

Six Overlooked SEO Tips

Every search matters, which is why Steve Riegel, co-founder and director of search at digital agency Faction Media, knows the value of online presence for publishers. Riegel offers six essential, inexpensive (if not free), but often overlooked methods that get...

New Opportunities in Magazine Manufacturing

SEE BELOW: From Back-End Support to Revenue Partner (sidebar)Magazine production has changed dramatically in the last few years. Tools and standards that have come to the forefront—ad portals, virtual proofing, online insertion orders, PDFs—which weren’t exactly new, still gained significant...

Top Deals of 2008

From boom to bust describes media transactions in 2008. Private equity buyers, which dominated the media deal landscape for the last five years, suspended their buying spree while strategic buyers picked over the few smaller deals that could add value...

The Stand-out E-mail

You’ve got mail. Lots of it. It’s hard enough being a consumer and wading through the daily gauntlet of new e-mails. But if you’re an e-marketer, you’ve got an even more daunting task—turning that e-mail into a relationship.