February 2007

New Thinking for Online Edit

“What do you have that I can’t go after easily?” That’s the question Dan Bigman, Forbes.com managing editor, has been challenging b-to-b editors and publishers with recently. In January, he sounded some alarms at an editorial reception hosted by American...

F+W Publications

buyer: ABRY Partners | seller: F+W Publications | price: $500 million| date: August takeaway: By going to court and seeking to rescind the deal in November, ABRY risks a long and potentially embarrassing public ordeal.

Weblogs Inc.

buyer: AOL/Time Warner | seller: Weblogs Inc. | price: $25 million | date: October

Beckett, Canon, CFW Enterprises, Y-Visionary

buyer: Apprise Media | seller: Beckett, Canon, CFW Enterprises, Y-Visionary | price (combined): $270 million est.| date: January (Beckett), April (Canon), August (CFW), September (Y-Visionary)

Hanley Wood

buyer: JP Morgan | seller: Veronis Suhler Stevenson | price: $650 million | date: May takeaway: The largest magazine deal of the year (and second largest b-to-b deal ever) will be worth every penny;if Hanley Wood continues to grow.

Dowden Health Media

buyer: Lebhar-Friedman | seller: Dowden Health Media | price: $41 million | date: March takeaway: Lebhar-Friedman diversifies beyond its longtime core markets, but did it make the right choice as a line extension?

Gruner + Jahr

buyer: Meredith Corp. and Joe Mansueto | seller: Gruner + Jahr USA | price: $350 million for Meredith; $35 million est. for Mansueto | date: May/June

LPI Media

buyer: PlanetOut | seller: LPI Media | price: $31 million| date: November takeaway: An online media company looks to print to double its revenue and set the stage for future growth.


buyer: Questex Media, Audax Group | seller: Advanstar Communications | price: $185 million | date: April takeaway: The Questex spin-off gives neglected properties a chance to shine, if its new owners are willing to commit to developing them.

Primedia Business Information (Now Prism Business Media)

buyer: Wasserstein & Co. | seller: Primedia Business, Kohlberg Kravis Roberts | price: $385 million | date: August takeaway: Primedia's sale of its business division left the shrinking company with only its top breadwinners;enthusiast and consumer guides. Freshly renamed Prism...

Jobson Publishing

buyer: Wicks Medical Information | seller: Jobson Publishing | price: $100 million | date: April takeaway: Despite bolt-on potential of the Jobson platform, near-term growth will be organic and will focus on developing operating and service synergies. Opportunistic acquisitions will...

Trying Blogging On For Size

by Dale Buss Publishers and editors remain split on the value of blogs to their readers, their publications and their brands, and they're even divided on what makes a good blog. But many agree it isn't too risky or costly...

The Workflow Challenge

Despite the influx of technologies that should make magazine workflow easier, the process of producing a magazine and bringing together all the components;editing, advertising, art;and sending it in a workable file to the printer is getting no less difficult or...

Sort Out Your Mobile Content Resources

For magazine publishers, mobile content has emerged as a distinct delivery platform, and maximizing the use of it is an important strategy in an increasingly fractured media landscape. Users want access to content wherever they are and whenever they want...

Portal Redux

I never thought I'd hear the word "portal" these days outside conversation that was anything but reminiscent. Yet it's popping up all over lately as more magazine publishers obscure print brands behind a larger online brand. So what's different this...

Introducing Your Editor. . .As Your Next Publisher

I'm a publisher who started as an editor. I've been an editor in chief, a group publisher, even an editor/publisher. It would stand to reason, then, that I would be an advocate for organizations promoting their top editors to publisher...

Giving Subscriber Studies Some Teeth

ideaexchange: a forum for best-practice strategies and tactics Few items are as suspect in the eyes of advertisers as a magazine-sponsored subscriber study. If the magazine is paying for the study, why would it release anything other than data that...

Reversing the Polarity

In the fall of 2005, U.S. News & World Report, Technology Review and IDG's CXO Media, three publishers experiencing a wane in their print fortunes, announced they would be scaling back their print products and putting significantly more investment into...

Cohesion: Preferred but Not Necessary

It was my first week on the job as a lawyer for the Los Angeles Times, more than 20 years ago. I was working out in the executive gym and there in front of me was the Otis Chandler.

Borrowing for Growth

Last year, Richmond, Virginia-based Douglas Publications bought Briefings Publishing Group and its nine business-management newsletters from Wicks Business Information in an estimated $15 million deal.

Return of the Portal

Online portals are back and this time they seem to be paying off (unlike early attempts such as Pathfinder on the consumer side and VerticalNet on the b-to-b side). Portals have slowly been making a return for several years;they were...

Is PR the First Word in Press?

Sometimes I think that George Orwell had it about right when he said that journalism is printing what someone else does not want printed; everything else is public relations. I was reminded of this when a publisher recently asked me...

Revamping the RFP Process

The request-for-proposal process is becoming more contentious, time consuming and demanding of b-to-b magazine publishers, who say they are often in the dark with regards to knowing just what the advertiser at the other end of the paper, e-mail and...

Changing Technology Platforms

Today's fractured media landscape and its subsequent revenue opportunities is placing extra demands on magazines' publishing platforms. Publishers moving heavily into online content deployment, for example, either must update and standardize their technology platform to efficiently drive content back and...

Face Up: inter national ist

This Month: inter national ist Mission: “Dedicated to the business needs and challenges of international marketing and media professionals as they participate in multinational branding.”