January 2011

Startup Stories

For nearly 20 years, the Stagnito family has been a fixture of mid-sized b-to-b publishing. They’ve also launched two startups in the middle of two different recessions. In 1990, the first version of Stagnito Media debuted.

2010: The Year in Review

JANUARY• The new year gets off to a dismal start as Publishers Information Bureau reports that consumer-magazine ad pages collapsed in 2009. The decline was a massive 25 percent drop overall. The biggest winners were People Style Watch (up 24.4...

Consumer Tech: Bad for Business

On the face of it, Internet technology should be a b-to-b publisher’s best friend. Sure, the Internet effectively put an end to the long and lazy golden age of publishing (1493—1993, RIP) when we used “ink” and a composite of...

Paid Content 2.0

Paid Content and The Internet: Both had humble beginnings, yet were light years ahead of their time.

What To Know When Shopping for a Printer

Publishers are no longer simply magazine creators—they’re multimedia brand builders. Printers, meanwhile, are no longer just ink-on-paper product manufacturers—they’re also content distribution platform providers. And no one is sure these days where one function ends and the other begins.

Some Recent Startups Are Going Back to the Drawing Board

The publishing industry has seen a flood of ideas for new companies over the last two years, some driven by former publishing executives who want to leave the corporate grind behind and try to make it on their own, while...

How To Build and Maintain a Masterfile

Want to hear someone get excited about a database? (Yes, a database.) Here’s Heather Holmes marveling over the master file she oversees at Technology Review.“I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to talk about our new spiffy database,” she says. “We’re still building...

Nine Winning Cover Designs

To look back at the past year, I asked nine editors to give us the reason they thought their best-selling issue was a success.

Knowing More About Your Paid Content Users

Elsevier Business Intelligence, a biopharmaceutical, medical device and consumer health publishing group within Elsevier, recently began taking a more proactive approach to tracking and analyzing how its customers interact with its online paid content. A new analytics package called Outsell...

Outsourced Design Key to Regional Magazine Launch

Magazines are, of course, still being launched these days and typically a good portion of these are regional publishers. Often, these new launches rely on a shoestring budget to get off the ground.

Revenue Generation on Mobile Devices

Almost immediately after Apple founder Steve Jobs introduced the iPad to much fanfare last January, publishers everywhere began trying to figure out how to create content and advertising for the new platform.