January 2010

Face Up: Fortune

MAGSTATSIssue: December 7, 2009Frequency: Weekly Launched: 1930Circ: 850,523Publishing Company: Time Inc.Managing Editor: Andy SerwerCreative Director: John Korpics

City & Regionals Look for New Life in 2010

While 275 new magazines debuted and 427 folded in 2009, according to MediaFinder.com, city and regional magazines were the single largest category for launches with 21 new titles including Maine (a relaunch of Port City Life) and B-Metro Birmingham.

Learning from Murdoch’s Internet Missteps

The history of the Internet is peppered with important dates: there’s the invention of IP (Vint Cerf, 1973), the creation of the World Wide Web (Tim Berners Lee, 1989), the first cat video on YouTube (three seconds after it was...

Workarounds for Common Open Source Bugs

Open Source CMS PLatforms are certainly no exception to the occasional tech glitch. On one hand, publishers using open source solutions have access to a vibrant online community, which makes it easy to ask questions in a forum and receive...

2009: The Year in Magazines

Economic fallout. Bankruptcies. Dwindling advertising dollars. Shuttered magazines. Layoffs. Pay cuts. Dreams—shattered.

Single Copy Industry Must Shrink to Survive

Magazine editors like to use January issues to make predictions about the coming year. Like many medium-size publishers, I am active in most aspects of the business. I am the publisher and editor-in-chief of our magazines (American Iron and RoadBike)....

CRM: Getting Back to Basics

Customer dissatisfaction can be a costly affair. Not only might poor customer relations cost you an actual customer, but it has a real impact on your bottom line.

Advertorials Give New Life to Print

Advertorials—the original “paid content”—are no stranger to magazines. Marketing that looks like content is always attractive to advertisers and as publishers agonize over plummeting print revenue and clients starting to do their own branded Webinars, events and even magazines, advertorials...

Battered Business Magazines Look to a Bounce Back

Consumer business magazines had a rough go in 2009. Even more than their general interest counterparts, business titles that are mostly reliant on advertising dollars get pounded when economic markets slide, jobless rates soar and marketer budgets evaporate.

Top Mags for the Rich: Food, Finance and Gossip

The flood of new magazines targeting the affluent slowed to a trickle as many of the super-affluent just aren’t so affluent anymore.However, the 2009 Mendelsohn Affluent Survey reveals the top 10 publications among the total affluent and those with household...