January 2009

Face Up: Boston

Issue: December 2008Frequency: Monthly Launched: 1962Circ: 108,000/monthEditor: James Burnett

Why Would Anyone Launch a Print Magazine Today?

“This is the craziest time ever to launch a magazine, except for all the other times,” wrote Rex Hammock, founder and CEO of custom publisher Hammock, Inc., in a recent post on FOLIOmag.com.

Why Would Anyone Launch a Print Magazine Today?

Getting Funding—Are Magazines Now for the Wealthy?Obtaining funding for a print launch is getting harder, especially for the entrepreneurial startup. “The first question everybody asks, especially of entrepreneurs looking for launch funding, is why would you launch in print in...

M&A Scorecard | January 2009

It took 10 months to shake out, but Reed Elsevier’s auction of Reed Business Information ended in December with Reed taking the b-to-b publisher off the block. As one M&A executive put it: “What this decision means is that for...

The Frugal Editor

The frugal editor isn’t cheap. Just cautious—about all the right things.

What’s Next after Clicks and Impressions?

Ask most publishers, consumer or b-to-b, and they will tell you that “measured media” is the most common refrain they’re hearing from advertisers these days. Sometimes it’s just a tactic to beat the publisher’s price down but usually it’s because...

Ad Networks—Are They Right For You?

There are more than 300 online ad networks serving the U.S. alone. Large publishers such as Forbes, CondéNet, Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia and IDG have offered their own networks for some time now. Even LinkedIn has introduced its own ad...

Desperately Seeking Subscribers

Given the downward Economic spiral and dwindling ad dollars, subscriptions could prove more valuable than ever next year. FOLIO: asked around the industry to see which marketing tactics publishers will employ to bring in new readers.

Three Positions Worth Hiring in 2009

We’re willing to bet that your company isn’t exercising an arms-wide-open policy when it comes to new hires, especially after the slew of 2008 layoffs and self-imposed hiring freezes.

Monetizing Digital Editions

From Texterity, to Nxtbook and Zinio, to others like Zmags, Advanced and iMirius, digital platform vendors have been cropping up left and right over the last few years. It’s no wonder. With consumer and b-to-b both realizing a precipitous decline...

Virtual Proofing vs. No Proofing

In 2006, some printers and publishers predicted that in three years time, traditional proofing would be obsolete, and every publisher would be virtual. Fast forward to 2009, when almost all large publishers with multiple titles have gone virtual.

SmartADs: Bridging the Gap Between Research and Advertising

As publishers face advertisers clamoring for “measured media,” a service called SmartAds may offer some help. iiON Corp.’s SmartAds technology lets viewers interact with the ad by posing questions or offers, then serving up information or images tailored to that...

Three Alternative Steps to Savings

Most Publishers have at least one thing in common: the greatest costs come from printing, personnel and promotions. But as many struggle to stay afloat, they are in search of cost-savings methods that don’t tap into their indispensable resources.