January 2006

Startup Stories: Taking on a Life of Its Own

Ryan McNeil covered his last receiver as a Denver Bronco cornerback in 2004, retiring from professional football after an 11-year career. Leading up to his retirement, McNeil had been moonlighting as president and CEO of the Professional Business and Financial...

Startup Stories: Third Time’s a Charm

While not a pure start-up, Farm Progress Company's relaunch of Farm Futures marked the magazine's second rehabilitation and, at the very least, resembles a start-up's dogged, entrepreneurial persistence in pursuing a market opportunity, no matter what the industry odds are.

Startup Stories: Living a Cottage Industry

In 2004, Time Inc. CEO Ann Moore;known affectionately inside and outside the company as the "Launch Queen";approved five magazines for launch: All You, Life, the now-defunct Suede, Nuts and Southern Progress Corp.'s Cottage Living.

Startup Stories: Online Security

In September 2004, Cygnus Business Media launched SecurityInfowatch.com, its third Web portal and first outside the public-safety category. The site was designed as a comprehensive destination for security end-users, dealers, integrators and manufacturers and as a way to compete in...

Startup Stories: Breathing New Life into a State Magazine

Maryland Life's glossy stock and affluent readership belies the magazine's humble beginnings;it was conceived when the three principals;co-publishers Dan Patrell, Ross Peddicord and Scott Runkles;met in a community college class on entrepreneurship. In August 2004, the trio launched Great State...

Post-Acquisition Integration

The hard part of the merger and acquisition business is not finding the right property to buy, or even making the deal;the hard part is integrating the new business and culture into the ongoing business and then successfully running the...

Building Brand ROI

Needham, Massachusetts-based information technology publisher TechTarget continues to launch programs designed to take advertisers beyond the limitations of the traditional online and print advertising campaigns.

Citing Creative Differences

Editors and designers are both creative types. Yet hammering out a constructive conversation about how to carry forward a design that gets to the core of an article's central theme can be a lesson in frustration.

Mailing Options for Small and Medium-sized Publishers

By Dale Buss The new year arrives for publishers under the cloud of a 5.4 percent increase in U.S. Postal Service rates. But facing more demands to help their customers mitigate postal-cost pressures, the printing industry is stepping forward with...

2005 Revisited

By Dylan Stableford January 6 Time launched an exhaustive online archive giving the magazine's readers access to over 266,000 articles from as early as 1923;an invaluable resource for tracking the lineage of, say, Michael Jackson.

Seriously, How Do I Retire Rich?

Cover design is a lot like rock-n-roll. No matter how creative or innovative you think you are being with your latest cover, chances are someone's had the same idea or concept before. Sometimes it's intentional. Radar hijacked Esquire 's famous...

Guard Your Brand’s Attributes

To protect its vast global brand, Christie Hefner employs regular task forces, in-person conferences and old fashioned communication.

Editing for the Outer Circle of Readers

Editors usually position a book for longtime readers who are veterans in the field. I call this audience the inner circle. These are the readers an editor knows best because the demo is based upon research and a reader profile...

Randall Rising

In November, Tuscaloosa, Alabama-based Randall Publishing, which specializes in trucking, construction and industrial magazines and generates annual revenue around $55 million, surprised the industry by announcing its sale to Wachovia Capital Partners and Randall CEO F. Mike Reilly's newly-formed Randall-Reilly...

Be Realistic With Suppliers

By Matt Kinsman"There's always something that can go wrong in fulfillment," says Fulfillment Management Association president Nicole Bowman. "I speak one language, you speak another." If there's one issue that's the mother of all hang-ups with your fulfillment company it's...

2006 Preview: B-to-B Optimistic While Consumer Side Idles

By Matt Kinsman For the first time in years, confidence seems to be rising on the b-to-b side of the industry while consumer magazines as a category;bruised from circulation scandals, mired in a newsstand quagmire, and reeling from the implosion...

Face Up: Beautiful/Decay

This Month: Beautiful/Decay Issue: “M” Frequency: Quarterly Launched: 1996 Circulation: 40,000 Creative Director/Founder: Amir H. Fallah Cover Artist: Jesse LeDoux Mission: “To bridge the gap between art and graffiti, underground and mainstream, high and low art.”