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There are multiple options for creating a digital experience that keeps readers engaged and coming back for more. From a simple replica edition of your print magazine all the way to custom publications that are dynamically built based on a readers preferences to somewhere in-between with print magazines redesigned for a digital environment.

In this webinar, we’ll look at two winning strategies—designing for digital and personalization —to help improve the digital reading experience, leading to better engagement with your publication.

We will walk through a comparison of the different options available for digital magazines and then take a deeper dive into ways to rethink the digital experience for readers.


We'll Explore:

  • Questions to ask when starting with a digital magazine design
  • Best practices for digital-first design
  • 5 Ways to personalize your digital magazine
  • How to know if personalization is a good fit
  • Creative advertising options for a personalized reader experience

Speakers Include:

Michael Biggerstaff Beth Molloy GregDool  
Michael Biggerstaff
Chief Inspiration Officer
Nxtbook Media
Beth Molloy
Senior Consultant and Squad Captain
Nxtbook Media
Greg Dool
Senior Editor







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How Does This Webinar Work?

The live audio is delivered to your location over your computer speakers. The power-point presentations are presented over the Internet and are available to print out after the program. This is like a talk-radio program with visuals on the Web. You will be able to have a live Q&A with all the speakers. 


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