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How Magazines Are Creating Breakthrough Impact For Readers and Advertisers

Print magazines have a unique power to create wonderment and a deeply satisfying, immersive experience. The best magazines combine art and words with the physical aspect to transport you to places, and stir the imagination, in ways that no other media can match. Consider the luxury magazine DuJour. Or the Connecticut based city & regional magazines from Moffly Media. If you want to create special experiences for your readers, in spectacular, multidimensional ways that have long-lasting power, then we have some amazing stories to tell. You can use specialty paper finishes, embossing, coatings and more—and combine them with great storytelling and extraordinary photography—to create unmatched adventures, all in the print medium and all using new technologies.

Listen in as these publishers describe how they transformed their magazines to rich interactive experiences. Tap into the expertise of Mark Calev, one of the leading print-manufacturing experts in the country. And hear how all leveraged their passion for print innovation into the business opportunities that inevitably followed.

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Mark Calev
Calev Print Media

Brian Feidt

Brian Feidt
Moffly Media


Shawn Lowe 
Vice President, Production
DuJour Magazine

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