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February 10, 2015

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Leadership Sucks
Don’t let the title fool you. I do love what I do.  Deploying the latest in digital printing technology for Wright’s clients…MORE »

Harper’s Bazaar Launches Targeted Sponsored Supplement
Harper’s Bazaar is launching a targeted supplement for a younger audience with its upcoming March issue. The 24-page book, titled harper, will be guest…MORE »




Yale Publishing Course, July 12-17
Advanced leadership training for mid- to senior-level magazine media professionals in all areas of publishing. Apply by March 1 & receive 15% off tuition. Take your career to the next level. Apply Now.


USPS Loses $750 Million in FYQ1
The United States Postal Service continued to lose money in the first quarter of its fiscal 2015, operating at a $754 million…MORE »

Foreign Affairs Finds a Passionate New Audience
How a 93-year-old brand retooled for a new era while staying true to good old-fashioned quality content. [Sponsored Content]  MORE »





Presbyterian Church (USA) Launches New Online Store
Presbyterian Church (USA) recently went live with a new online store provided by Media Services Group. This new ecommerce site will provide one-stop shopping for all Presbyterian resource needs, including books, curriculum and here for more information.


A City and Regional Perspective on Ad Sales
For those growing up in the 60s and early 70s (all others, see: YouTube), the iconic Monty Hall was the ringmaster presiding over the…MORE »

Newsweek Twitter Hack 'Garden Variety'
  Newsweek's twitter account was hacked this morning by an ISIS-affiliated group called the CyberCaliphate. The hack started at 10:45, Newsweek reports,…MORE »

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