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Advanced Publishing

The future of media IS digital. Advanced Publishing provides the services and expertise to create, deliver, and monitor the success of your digital content.

Thomas Technology Solutions, Inc.

Thomas Technology Solutions, a systems integrator and pre-press service provider, has been providing publishing services for over 40 years. As an extension of our print-based technical services, we have launched a service offering to include an exact replica of current and back issue publications in a digital format, while incorporating powerful tracking capabilities.

The Media Services Group, Ltd.

When it comes to the business side of publishing, The Media Services Group is best known for their integrated software solutions for Advertising, Circulation and Accounting, as well as having a comprehensive suite of products to handle Exhibitions and Conferences.

GCN Publishing, Inc.

GCN Publishing was founded 10 years ago by two executives from the publishing industry, and that legacy shapes everything we do for our customers even today. The bottom line is we believe in putting absolute control in the hands of our customers.

The Rise of Private Equity

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In 1994 the private-equity firm Forstmann Little & Co. acquired Ziff Davis Publishing for $1.5 billion. At the time, Ziff was a tech-publishing powerhouse, approaching $1 billion in revenue. Nonetheless, observers at the time thought Forstmann Little paid too much. A FOLIO: report from the time put it this way:

The Blogs

A few words about the magazine-industry blogs. In this business, they're at once vital and even indispensable. But some are also dissatisfying for various reasons. Custom publisher Rex Hammock ( is a brilliant observer of the scene, and he's mastered the art of using links in a blog to deliver real value. Romemesko skews towards the newspaper industry.

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