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Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association

  Multiplatform publishing has been a priority for the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association for decades. Of course, it has to be given that its core constituency is flying all over the world all the time.

Riding The Next Wave of Social Media

 For the last several years, publishers have worked to grow robust social media audiences. As the wave of fans and followers continues to swell, so too does the need to go beyond mere numbers


It didn’t take long for John Steele to fill the top of his desk with trophies after Nautilus‘ 2013 spring launch.


Crowdfunding is helping a lot of innovators and tinkerers develop ideas into products. Of course, just because a campaign is successful,


Magazine media means a lot of different things now. A digital presence is a given, a mobile one is assuming priority, and extensions like e-commerce are starting to become key to publishers' revenue streams.Print still ties it all together for a lot of brands though.

Infographic: More Magazines Using Digital Watermarks

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 According to a study released by Digimarc Corporation, magazines are increasing their use of digital watermarks to drive mobile engagement.The second annual Digital Watermarks in Magazines: Traction Report showed a continued growth in the number of magazine using Digimarc Discover to connect readers to mobile content.

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