Articles by Josh Gordon

The Online Objection Bible (Abridged)

At the City and Regional Magazine Association’s annual meeting, I released the first edition of "The Online Objection Bible (abridged)." This 23-page document shares specific strategies that integrated media salespeople can use to overcome the following objections: "All our online $ goes to search” “Not enough clicks” “Print is dead” “We don’t buy integrated packages” Download it for free here …

Push vs. Pull

As I enthusiastically pitched the latest, coolest, online marketing product, my client cut me short: "I sell a dull product. Nobody will click on a banner to read more about it.

Engage or Die

Denise Shiffman’s new book "Age of Engage" is insightful, illuminating and potentially terrifying for media sales people. Shiffman lays bare what the marketers we sell our ads to will be expecting in the next 10 years and sees a future requiring different skill sets and media products.

RFP: “Request for Perjury” or Sales Opportunity?

At most publishing companies, RFP’s get no love. The RFP process started out as a legitimate and helpful tool for buyers to weed out less appropriate media options so they could let buyers focus more quality time on the remainders. But some agencies misuse RFPs.

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