Articles by Josh Gordon

A Digital Magazine Comes of Age

If you have read my posts over the last year you know that I believe strongly in digital magazines. But early on I predicted that unless digital magazines can be proven to be an effective advertising platform,

How to Sell in Turbulent Times

A terrific study was released earlier this year from DowJones advising that the key to success in selling in a recession comes not from looking at what is different for salespeople but rather at what is different at the companies they sell to. 

To Sell a Webinar Sponsorship, Sell the Results

Most of your clients think Webinars are boring. It is hard to get them excited about a process that is clunky, detail-oriented, and not sexy. But it is easy to get clients excited about the results Webinars generate. When you sell Webinars, sell the end results, not the process.

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