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Technology or Content: Which Comes First?

Marshall McLuhan's famous dictum tells us that the form of a medium is inherently part of the message itself. Content in printed magazine form, for example, dictates many aspects of the story-from its written style and word count to the subtleties of fixed page design.

Planning for Multiplatform Publishing

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With so much at stake, and so much potential labor cost involved in maintaining multiple channels, many publishers are being cautious in planning their long-term content strategies.

The 2012 Magazine Manufacturing and Production Technology Survey

For many years, Folio: and Readex Research have conducted a survey of magazine production professionals—noting their preferences and tendencies on the subject of creating a finished product. This year’s survey contained a few new questions, mainly about technologies for producing digital content, as well as some new measurements of user satisfaction.

Defining Mobile Opportunities and Strategies

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Mobile publishing is the disruptive channel du jour, for which many publishers are anxiously seeking a viable strategy. What was a relatively marginal niche for magazines—content feeds on smartphones—became a broad phenomenon with the advent of tablets in 2010. Delivering rich magazine content to portable devices is the latest opportunity—or threat, depending on who’s talking.

The State of App Advertising

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In the heyday of print advertising, the rules seemed simpler. Competition from television, radio, and other forms advertising was a factor, but each medium was distinct—with its own attributes, value propositions, and measurements. The Web changed all that. Along with the suicidal dilemma of free editorial content, the Web brought in a whole new (and volatile) system of measuring success.

Creative Suite 6 and the Bottom Line

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Every 18 months or so, designers are introduced to the latest incarnation of Adobe’s Creative Suite (CS), the bundle of nearly every major software application the company offers. Since its introduction in 2003, CS has solidified Adobe’s leading position in the high-end creative and publishing arenas, just as Office has done for Microsoft in the business world.

Look Who’s Reading Now:

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Ordinary Web analytics have been with us for years. The science and/or art of measuring on-site engagement has become an article of faith for marketing entities worldwide. Arguably, no other medium has more potential for direct feedback on a marketing campaign’s effectiveness and return on investment.

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