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A Social Media Primer for Publishers

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I’ve had the opportunity to talk with hundreds of publishers over the last few months about the state of their business. With all the challenges that face the traditional publishing business model, the most popular questions all revolve around social media.

Preparing to Lose

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It was a decade ago, but I remember it like it was yesterday. Jim McDermott—my boss at Penton Media—and I had just finished inking the agreement on a multi-year custom magazine deal with Autodesk Software.

How to Price Custom Publishing Services

This question comes up all the time. In publisher roundtables and networking sessions, it’s always a whispered question, with very few forthcoming answers. Everyone wants to know how other publishers are pricing their stand-alone custom projects, but no-one wants to share.

Custom Publishing The Wrong Way

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Most Publishers I talk to think that by adding one or two people to the organization and declaring “custom publishing is open of business” that they are well on their way to success.